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2 Chronicles 29



Verse 1

began to reign. In the third year of Hoshea, king of Israel. Therefore in the last year but one of his father"s reign. Hezekiah began his reformation in 616, the first year of his sole reign. See App-50.

Abijah. In 2 Kings 18:2 it is given as "Abi, here it is "Abijah. But the "I" in the former stands for the abbreviation of "jah" in the latter.

Verse 2

the LORD. Hebrew. Jehovah. App-4.

Verse 3

the first year. Yea, on the first day (2 Chronicles 29:17). Only three verses occupied with this in Kings, but three chapters in Chronicles. For the reason and object see App-56.

opened the doors. Compare 2 Chronicles 28:24. Note his zeal for the house of the LORD in his "Songs of the degrees" (Psalms 122:1, Psalms 122:9; Psalms 134:1, Psalms 134:2). See App-67.

Verse 4

the east street = the broad place at the east. Compare Ezra 10:9.

Verse 5

ye Levites. Reformation must begin with the ministry. All priests were Levites, but not all Levites were priests.

holy. See note on Exodus 3:5.

Verse 6

trespassed = acted unfaithfully. Hebrew. ma"al. App-44.

evil = the evil. Hebrew. ra"a" (with Art.)

habitation = dwelling place. Hebrew. mishkan. App-40.

Verse 7

Also = And, carrying the Figure of speech Polysyndeton into this verse.

shut up the doors. Compare 2 Chronicles 28:24.

offered = offered up. Hebrew. "alah. App-43.

Verse 8

was = came.

trouble = commotion.

as = according as.

Verse 9

for this: for the sins rehearsed in verses: 2 Chronicles 29:6-7.

Verse 10

in mine heart. Put there by God.

Verse 12

Then the Levites arose. They were from each of the three leading families (Gershorn, Kohath, and Merari); two from the family of Elizaphan (Kohath"s grandson. Exodus 6:18, Exodus 6:22. Numbers 3:30); two from the posterity of Asaph (of Gershom); two of Heman (of Kohath); two of Jeduthun (of Merari). Fourteen in all. See App-10.

Verse 15

by the words: or in the business. Compare 2 Chronicles 29:30.

Verse 16

the inner part. All true reformation begins there, and proceeds outward. Man makes clean the outside, and never gets any farther (Matthew 15:11, Matthew 15:17-20; Matthew 23:25, Matthew 23:26. Luke 11:39).

Verse 17

the first day of the first month. Note the six events which took place on that day (Genesis 8:13).

Verse 18

in = inside.

Verse 19

Ahaz . . . cast away. Compare 2 Kings 16:14, 2 Kings 16:17.

transgression = defection. Hebrew. ma"al. App-44.

Verse 20

rose early . . . went up. Note the zeal of Hezekiah for the house of Jehovah in his Songs of the degrees. See Psalms 122:1, Psalms 122:9; Psalms 134:1, Psalms 134:2; and compare Isaiah 37:1, Isaiah 37:14; Isaiah 38:20. 2 Kings 20:8, and App-67.

rulers = princes.

Verse 22

on = toward.

sprinkled the blood. According to Leviticus 4:30-34.

Verse 23

forth = near.

congregation = assembly.

laid their hands. According to Leviticus 4:15; Leviticus 8:22; Leviticus 16:21.

Verse 24

reconciliation = cleansing.

atonement. See note on Exodus 29:33.

for all Israel. Note the reference to this in Hezekiah"s "Songs of the degrees" (Psalm 133, and Compare 2 Chronicles 30:1-3, 2 Chronicles 30:5, 2 Chronicles 30:6, 2 Chronicles 30:11, 2 Chronicles 30:12, 2 Chronicles 30:14, 2 Chronicles 30:18, 2 Chronicles 30:25, 2 Chronicles 30:26). See note on 1 Kings 12:17 and App-67.

Verse 25

David. Compare 1 Chronicles 15:16; 1 Chronicles 23:5; 1 Chronicles 25:1.

seer. Hebrew. chozeh. See note on 1 Chronicles 29:29.

of = by the hand of.

by = by the hand of.

Verse 26

of. Genitive of Relation = appointed by. Compare 2 Chronicles 29:27.

Verse 31

consecrated. See note on verb (Exodus 28:41. Leviticus 9:17).

Verse 33

consecrated things = holy things. See note on Exodus 3:5.


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