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2 Timothy 2



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Verse 1

son. App-108.

be strong. Greek. endunamoo. See Acts 9:22, and compare Ephesians 6:10.

in. App-104. grace. App-184.

Christ Jesus. App-98.

Verse 2

of. App-104.

among = by means of. App-104. 2 Timothy 2:1.

the same = these. faithful. App-160.

men. App-123.

who = such as.

able competent. See 2 Corinthians 2:16 (sufficient).

others. App-124. No reference to bishops and ecclesiastical organizations. All these have failed.

Verse 3

endure hardness. Greek. kakopatheo. Literally suffer

evil. Here, 2 Timothy 2:9; 2 Timothy 4:5, James 5:13.

Jesus Christ. The texts read "Christ Jesus", as 2 Timothy 2:1.

Verse 4

No manNo one. Greek. oudeis.

warreth. Compare 1 Timothy 1:18.

entangleth. Greek empteko. Only here and 2 Peter 2:20.

affairs. Greek. pragmateia. Only here.

life. App-170.

that = in order that. Greek hina.

hath chosen, &c. = chose, &c. Greek. stratoiogeo. Only here. The Master"s "Well done" is the reward.

Verse 5

if. App-118

a man = any one. App-123.

also strive = strive also,

strive for masteries = contend in the games. Greek. athteo. Only here.

not. App-105.

crowned. Greek. stephanoo. Only here and Hebrews 2:7, Hebrews 2:9. The crown was of wild olive or laurel leaves.

except = if (ean)., not (m5). lawfully. See 1 Timothy 1:8.

Verse 6

first, &c. = the first to partake.

Verse 7

Lord. App-98.

give. The texts read shall give".

Verse 8

that. Omit.

Jesus Christ. App-98. The thoughts of Timothy are directed to the person of Jesus Christ, as well as to His work. Compare Hebrews 3:1; Hebrews 3:12, Hebrews 3:3; Hebrews 3:7, Hebrews 3:8. App-104.

David. Compare Romans 1:3,

was. Omit.

raised. App-178.

from the dead. App-139.

according to. App-104.

gospel, App-140.

Verse 9

Wherein = In (Greek. en) which.

suffer trouble. Greek. kakopatheo, no in 2 Timothy 2:3.

evil doer. Greek. kakourgos. Only here and Luke 23:32, Luke 23:33, Luke 23:39 (of the malefactors crucified with the Lord). For the other word for evil doer, kopoios, see John 18:30.

unto = as for as. Greek. mechri.

word. App-121.

God. App-98.

Verse 10

Therefore = On account of (App-104. 2 Timothy 2:2) this.

for. sakes. App-104. 2 Timothy 2:2.

may also = also may.

with. App-10.

eternal. App-151.

glory. See p. 1511.

Verse 11

It is, &c. = Faithful is the saying. The fourth occurance. See 1 Timothy 1:15.

saying = word. App-121. if. App-118. a,

be dead with = died with (Greek. sunapotinesko) Him. See 2 Corinthians 7:3.

also live, &c. = live together also with (Greek. suzab) Him. See Romans 6:8.

Verse 12

suffer. Same as "endure", 2 Timothy 2:10.

also reign, to. = reign together also, to. Greek. sumbasileuo . Only here and 1 Corinthians 4:8.

Verse 13

believe not = are unbelieving. Greek. apieteo. Acts 28:24.

abideth. See p. 1511.

He. The texts prefix "For".

cannot = is not (App-105.) able to.

Verse 14

put,&c. Greek. hupomimnesko See John 14:26.

charging = earnestly testifying to. Greek. diamarturomai See Acts 2:40.

the Lord. Some texts read "God strive. about words. Greek. logomacheo. Only here. The noun in 1 Timothy 6:4.

not. App-105.

to. App-104.

no profit = nothing (Greek. oudeis) profitable (Greek. chresimos. Only here).

to. App-104.

subverting. Greek. katastrophe. Only here and 2 Peter 2:6.

Verse 15

Study = Be diligent. Greek spoudazo. See Galatians 1:2, Galatians 1:10.

shew = present, as Colossians 1:22, Colossians 1:28.

approved. Greek. dokimos. See Romans 14:18.

unto = to Dative case.

workman. Greek. engrates. This word is translated "labourer ten times; "worker", or "workman", six times. that, &c. = without cause for shame. Greek. anepaischuntos. Only here.

rightly dividing. Greek. orthofomeo. Only here.

Verse 16

shun. Greek. periistemi. See Acts 25:7.

profane. See 1 Timothy 1:9.

vain babblings. See 1 Timothy 6:20.

increase = advance. Greek. prokopto. See Romans 13:12,

unto, App-104.

ungodliness. App-128.

Verse 17

eat. Literally have pasture (Greek. nome. Only here and John 10:9),

canker = gangrene. Greek. gangraina. Only here.

Hymenesus Compare 1 Timothy 1:20

Philetue, Nothing is known of him.

Verse 18

Who = For they.

concerning. App-104.

have. Omit.

erred. See 1 Timothy 1:6.

resurrection. App-178.

is past = has taken place.

overthrow = overturn. Greek. anatrepo. Only here end Titus 1:11.

faith. App-150.

Some. App-124.

Verse 19

the foundation, &c, = God"s firm foundation.

sure = firm. Greek. stereos.

Here; Hebrews 5:12, Hebrews 5:14; 1 Peter 5:9. Compare Acts 16:5. Colossians 2:5,

Lord. App-98.

knoweth = knew. App-132. A reference here to Numbers 16:5.

Christ. The texts read "the Lord". as above.

from. App-104.

iniquity. App-128. May allude to Numbers 16:26.

Verse 20

also, &c. = wooden also. of wood wooden. Greek. xulinos. Only here and Revelation 9:20.

of earth. Greek. ostrakinos, See 2 Corinthians 4:7.

to. App-104.

Verse 21

purge = thoroughly purge. Greek ekkathairo. See 1 Corinthians 5:7,

unto. App-104.

meet = useful or profitable. Greek. euchrestos, Only here, 2 Timothy 4:11. Philippians 1:11.

Master"s. App-98.

Verse 22

youthful = the youthful. Greek. neoterikos. Only here.

righteousness. App-191.

charity. App-135.

out of. App-104.

Verse 23

foolish = the foolish. Greek. moros. See 1 Corinthians 1:25.

unlearned = uninstructed, and so, trifling. Greek. apaidentos. Only here in N.T., but occurs in the Septuagint several times translated "fools",

questions. Greek. zetesis. See Acts 26:30.

avoid = reject, or refuse. See 1 Timothy 4:7,

knowing. App-182.

gender = beget.

strifes. Greek. mache. See 2 Corinthians 7:5.

Verse 24

servant. App-190.:2.

strive. Greek. machomai. See Acts 1:26.

gentle. See 1 Thessalonians 2:2.

unto. App-104.

apt to teach., 1 Timothy 3:2.

patient. Literally enduring evil. Greek. anexikakos Only here.

Verse 25

meekness. See 1 Corinthians 4:21.

instructing. Greek. peideuo, which means to train a child, and so to chastise, chasten. Compare Acts 22:3. 2 Corinthians 6:9. Hebrews 12:6.

those that, &c. = the opposers. Greek. antidiatithemi. Only here.

if . . . peradventure = lest at any time. Greek. a pots.

will = should.

repentance. App-111.

acknowledging. App-132.

Verse 26

recover themselves. Literally become sober again. Greek. ananepho. Compare 2 Timothy 4:5.

snare. See 1 Timothy 3:7.

taken captive. Greek. z ogreo, See Luke 6:10.

by. App-104.

at = unto. App-104.

will. App-102. The pronouns "him" and "his" have not the same reference. The first refers to the servant, the second to God, and the meaning of the passage is, the distill stirs up those lie has ensnared to oppose, lest God should give them repentance, and lest, having been taken captive by God"s servant, they should escape the snare, to do the will of God.


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