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2 Timothy 4



Verse 1

charge. Greek. diamarturomai. See 2 Timothy 2:14.

before = in the sight of.

God. App-98.

the Lord Jesus Christ. The texts read "Christ Jesus". App-98.

shall = is about to.

judge. App-122.

the. Omit.

Quick = living.

dead. App-139.

at. App-104. The texts read "and by".

appearing. App-106.

kingdom. See App-112.

Verse 2

Preach. App-121.

word. App-121.

in season. Greek. eukairos. Only here and Mark 14:11.

out of season. Greek. akairos. Only here. reprove. Greek. elencho. See John 8:9. Tim. 2 Timothy 5:20.

rebuke. Greek. epitimao. One, twenty- nine times, twenty-four times "rebuke", five times "charge". All in Gospels, save been and Jude 1:9. The difference between these two Greek. words is that the former means to bring to conviction, as used in John 8:46; John 16:8; while the latter can be used of unjust or ineffectual rebuke, as in Matthew 16:22. Luke 25:40.

exhort. App-134.

with. App-104.

doctrine = teaching. Greek. didache,

Verse 3

time = season.

come = be.

not. App-106.

sound = the sound. See 1 Timothy 1:10.

doctrine. Greek. didaskalia, as 1 Timothy 4:6.

after. App-104.

heap. Greek. episoreuo. Only here.

having itching ears = itching in regard to hearing.

itching. Greek. knetho. Only here.

Verse 4

ears = hearing, as in 2 Timothy 4:3.

from. App-104.

turned. See 1 Timothy 1:6.

unto. App-104.

fables = myths. See 1 Timothy 1:4.

Verse 5

watch. Greek. nepho. See 1 Thessalonians 5:6.

in. App-104.

endure afflictions = suffer evil. Greek. kakopetheo. See 2 Timothy 2:8.

evangelist. Compare App-121.

make full proof of = fully accomplish. Greek. plerophoreo. See Romans 4:21.

ministry. App-190.

Verse 6

now ready, &c. = already being poured out. Greek. spendomai. See Philippians 2:17.

departure. Greek. analusis. Only here. Compare Philippians 1:1, Philippians 1:29.

at hand. Same as "instant", 2 Timothy 4:2.

Verse 7

fought. Greek. agonizomai. See Luke 13:24.

a = the.

fight. Greek. agon. See Phil. I. so and compare 1 Timothy 6:12.

finished. Greek. te leo. Compare App-1262Ti ,

my = the.

course. Greek. dromos. See Acts 13:25.

faith. App-150.

Verse 8

laid up. Greek. apokeimai. See Colossians 1:5.

a = the.

righteousness. App-191.

Lord. App-9.

righteous. App-191.

Judge, Compare 2 Timothy 4:1. Acts 17:3, Acts 17:1.

give = repay or recompense. Greek. apodidomi. See 2 Timothy 4:14. at. App-104.

unto = to.

love. App-135. Perf. tense, "have loved".

Verse 9

Do, &c. = Hasten.

shortly = speedily.

unto. Greek. pros. App-104.

Verse 10

De mas. See Colossians 4:14. Phm. 2 Timothy 1:24.

hath forsaken = forsook. Greek. eskateleipe. See Acts 2:22.

this, &c. the age that is now.

world. App-129.

unto. App-104. Crescens. He is not mentioned elsewhere, and perhaps had gone to Galatia at his own instance and with the apostle"s consent. The same may be said of Titus. There is no condemnation of them, ae of Demas, ]tut they are not said to have been sent, as Tychicus was.

to. Same as "unto".

Verse 11

Luke. This faithful and devoted companion, sharer of Paul"s labours and afflictions for so many years, always modestly keeping himself in the back- ground, most have been a comfort indeed.

with. App-104.

Take = Take up, i.e. on the way. Compare Acts 20:13, Acts 20:14.

Mark. See Acts 12:25; Acts 12:13, Acts 12:5, Acts 12:19; Acts 12:15, Acts 12:37-39. Colossians 4:10. Phm. 2 Timothy 1:24.

profitable. See "meet", I. 21.

for. App-104.

the ministry = ministering. App-190.

Verse 12

Tychicus. See Acts 20:4. Ephesians 8:21. Colossians 4:7. Titus 3:12.

have. Omit.

sent. App-174.

Verse 13

cloke. Greek. phailones. Only here.

with. App-104.

parchments. Greek. membrane. Only here.

Verse 14

Alexander. The addition of "coppersmith" suggests his identity with the Ephesian Jew of Acts 19:33, Acts 19:34,

coppersmith. Greek. chalkeus. Only here.

did. Literally showed forth.

much evil = many evil (App-128,) things.

reward. See 2 Timothy 4:8.

according to. App-104.

Verse 15

ware also = also ware.

withstood. See 2 Timothy 3:8.

Verse 16

answer = defence. See Acts 22:1.

no man = no one. Greek. oudeis.

stood with. Greek. sumparoginomai. Only here and Luke 23:48.

pray, &c. = may it not.

not. App-106.

laid to their charge = reckoned to them.

Verse 17

Notwithstanding = But.

strengthened. See Acts 9:22.

that = in order that. Greek. hina. by. App-104. 2 Timothy 4:1.

preaching. App-121.8,

fully known. See 2 Timothy 4:5.

delivered. Greek. rhuomai. See 2 Timothy 3:11.

out of. Greek. ek. App-104.

lion. This may mean that Paul established his claim, as a Roman citizen, not to meet his death in the amphitheatre; or it may be a metaphor for Nero.

Verse 18

evil. App-128.

preserve = save.

heavenly. Greek. epouranios, as in Ephesians 1:3, &c.

for ever, &c. App-151. a.

Verse 19

Prisca. Elsewhere called Priscilla. Acts 18:2, Acts 18:18, Acts 18:24. Romans 16:3. 1 Corinthians 16:19.

household. as 2 Timothy 1:16.

Onesiphorus. Compare 2 Timothy 1:11.

Verse 20

Erastus. See Acts 19:22. Romans 18:23.

Trophimus. Acts 20:4; Acts 21:29.

sick. Paul"s authority to heal had ceased. Compare Philippians 1:2, Philippians 1:25-27. 1 Timothy 5:23.

Verse 21

before. App-104.

Pudens. Pudens and Claudia are supposed by some to be man and wife, and have been identified with Titus Claudius and Claudia Quinctilia, whose inscription over a child they lost has been discovered near Rome.

Linus. Probably a bishop of Rome.

Verse 22

Jesus Christ. The texts omit,

spirit. App-101.

Grace. App-184.

Amen Omit,


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