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Deuteronomy 14



Verse 1

ye shall not, &c. Compare Leviticus 19:27, Leviticus 19:28; Leviticus 21:5. Jeremiah 16:6; Jeremiah 41:5.

the dead = dead people (not dead bodies). No art. in Septuagint. Compare Deuteronomy 28:26 with article, and rendered rightly "carcase".

Verse 2

holy. See note on Exodus 3:5. the LORD. (Hebrew. Jehovah.) Some codices, with Samaritan Pentateuch, The Targum of Jonathan ben Uzziel Septuagint, and Syriac, add "thy God".

peculiar = as a treasure. See note on Exodus 19:5. Compare Deuteronomy 7:6.

the earth = the face of the soil. Figure of speech Pleonasm. Hebrew. "adamah.

Verse 4

These. There are eleven animals named in Deuteronomy which are not included in Leviticus and Numbers, More names known after forty years from Egypt. Compare Lev 11.

Verse 5

roebuck = gazelle (Revised Version)

fallow deer = roebuck.

pygarg = mountain goat.

wild ox = antelope (Revised Version)

chamois = mountain sheep (Revised Version)

Verse 6

parteth the hoof. Compare Leviticus 11:2, Leviticus 11:8.

cleaveth the cleft. Figure of speech Polyptoton. App-6.

Verse 7

coney. Hebrew. shaphan. Revised Version margin, called "Hy-rax Syriacus", or rock-badger.

Verse 9

These. Compare Leviticus 11:9-12.

Verse 12

these. Compare Leviticus 11:13-20.

ossifrage = gier eagle (Revised Version).

Verse 13

glede. Probably = vulture.

kite = falcon (Revised Version)

vulture = kite(Revised Version).

Verse 15

owl = ostrich (Revised Version)

cuckow = seamew (Revised Version): i.e. sea-gull.

Verse 16

swan = horned owl (Revised Version)

Verse 17

gier eagle = vulture (Revised Version) or bittern.

Verse 18

heron. Very doubtful; probably = parrot.

lapwing = hoopoe (Revised Version)

Verse 19

creeping thing = swarming creature: i.e. rapidly multiplying. Compare Genesis 1:20, Genesis 1:21; Genesis 7:21; Genesis 8:17; Genesis 9:7. Exodus 8:3. Leviticus 11:29, &c.

is. Hebrew "it [is]".

they. A special reading, called Sevir, reads, "it".

Verse 21

dieth, &c. Compare Exodus 22:31. Leviticus 11:39; Leviticus 17:15; Leviticus 22:8. Ezekiel 4:14.

seethe = boil. Compare Exodus 23:19; Exodus 34:26.

Verse 22

tithe. Compare Leviticus 27:30. Numbers 18:24, Numbers 18:30. Numbers 12:6; Numbers 14:28.

Verse 23

eat. Tithes were eaten. Amos 4:4.

to place = to make a habitation.

wine. Hebrew. tirosh. See App-27.

firstlings. Compare Genesis 4:4. Exodus 13:11-15; Exodus 23:19. Leviticus 27:26. Numbers 18:15-17, and Nehemiah 10:36.

Verse 25

turn it into money: as in Matthew 21:12. Mark 11:15. Luke 19:45, and John 2:14, John 2:15.

Verse 26

thy soul = thyself. Hebrew. nephesh.

lusteth after = longeth for.

wine. Hebrew. yayin. App-27.

strong drink = shikar. See App-27.

desireth = asketh of thee.

Verse 27

the Levite. Compare Deuteronomy 12:19.


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