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Galatians 4



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Verse 1

as long = for (Greek. epi. App-104.) such time. child. Greek. nepios. App-108.

nothing. Greek. oudeis.

servant. Greek. doulos. App-190.

lord = owner. Greek. kurios. App-98.

Verse 2

under. Greek. hupo. App-104.

tutors. Greek. epitropos. Elsewhere, Matthew 20:8. Luke 8:3 (steward).

governors. Greek. oikonomos. See Luke 16:1 (steward).

time appointed. Greek. prothesmios. Only here. An adjective in feminine agreeing with "day" (understood).

Verse 3

Even so we = So we also.

in bondage = enslaved. Greek. douloo App-190.

elements = elementary rules. Greek. stoicheion. Here, Galatians 4:9. Colossians 2:8, Colossians 2:20. Hebrews 5:12. 2 Peter 3:10, 2 Peter 3:12. Compare Romans 2:14, Romans 2:15.

world. Greek. kosmos. App-129.

Verse 4

fulness. Greek. pleroma. " First occurance: Matthew 9:16.

was come = came.

God. App-98.

sent forth. Greek. exapostello App-174.

Son. Greek. huios App-108.

made. See John 1:14

of. Greek. ek. App-104.

the. Omit.

Verse 5

To = In order that (Greek. hina) He might.

redeem. Greek. exagorazo See Galatians 3:13.

that. Greek. hina., as above.

receive = receive in full. Greek. apolambano. See Romans 1:27.

adoption of sons = sonship. Greek. huiothesia. See Romans 8:15.

Verse 6

sons. App-108. By begetting from above. Compare James 1:18.

hath. Omit,

Spirit. App-101.

into. Greek. eis. App-104.

your. The texts read "our".

Abba. See App-94.:1.

Father. App-98.

Verse 7

no more = no longer. Greek. ouketi,

if. App-118.

then an heir = an heir also.

of God through Christ. The texts read "through God".

through. Greek. dia App-104. Galatians 4:1.

Verse 8

knew. Greek. oida, App-132.

not. Greek. ou. App-105.

did service. Greek. douleuo. App-190. Compare Galatians 4:3.

unto = to.

no = not. Greek. me. App-105.

gods. App-98,

Verse 9

after, &c. = having come to know.

known. Greek. ginosko App-132.

of. Greek. hupo. App-104.

to. Greek. epi. App-104.

beggarly, Greek. ptochoe. App-127.

whereunto = to which.

desire. Greek. thelo. App-102.

again. Greek. palin anothen. This is emph. For anothen see Luke 1:3. The Revised Version reads "over again".

be in bondage. Greek. donleuo, as Galatians 4:8.

Verse 10

observe. Greek. paratereo. See Acts 9:24. Compare Colossians 2:16.

Verse 11

lost = lest by any means. Greek. me pos.

bestowed, &c, Compare Romans 16:6.

upon. Greek. eis, App-104.

in vain. See Galatians 3:4,

Verse 12

beseech. Greek. deomai. App-134.

be = become.

for I, &c. Read, for I (was) as ye (are).

have. Omit.

not . . . at all = (in) nothing Greek. oudeis

injured = wronged. Greek. adikeo. See Acts 7:24.

Verse 13

through = on account of. Greek. dia App-104. Galatians 4:2.

preached, &c. Greek. evangelizo. App-121.

at the first = before. Compare 2 Corinthians 12:7.

Verse 14

my. The texts read "your". The malady (2 Corinthians 12:7) which led to his presence among them was a teat to them, a temptation to reject him and his message.

in. Greek. en. App-104.

despised. Greek. exoutheneo. See Acts 4:11.

nor. Greek. oude.

rejected. Literally spat out. Greek. ekptuo. Only here

Christ Jesus. App-98.

Verse 15

the blessedness, &c. = your blessedness. Greek. makarismos. See Romans 4:6.

plucked out. Literally dug out. Greek. exorusso Here and Mark 2:4,

Verse 16

because, &c. = dealing truly with. Greek. aletheuv, Here and Ephesians 4:15. Compare App-175.

Verse 17

zealously affect. Greek. zelov, to be zealous, either for good or for bad.

would = wish to. App-102.,

exclude. Greek. ekkleiv, See Romans 3:27.

affect. Greek. zelov, as above.

Verse 18

not. Gr, me App-105.

when . . . present, Literally in (Gr, en) my being present.

with. Gr, pros. App-104.

Verse 19

little children. Greek. teknion. App-108. Only occurance: by Paul. Compare 1 John 2:1, &c.

travail, &c. Greek. Odino. Here, Galatians 4:27. Revelation 12:2,

Christ. App-98.

formed. Greek. morphoomai. Only here.

Verse 20

change, Greek. allassv. See Acts 6:14.

voice = tone,

for = because.

stand in doubt. Greek. aporeomai. See Acts 25:20.

of. Greek. en. App-104.

Verse 22

by. Greek. ek. Same as "of", Galatians 4:4.

bondmaid. Greek. paidiske, as verses: Galatians 4:23, Galatians 4:30, Galatians 4:31, Elsewhere translated "maid "or damsel",

the other = and one.

Verse 23

born = begotten. Greek. gennao

after = according to. Greek. kata. App-104.

by. Greek. dia. App-104. Galatians 4:1.

promise. See Luke 24:49,

Verse 24

an allegory. Literally allegorized. Greek. allegereo. Only here. Compare: 1 Corinthians 10:11

these. Supply the Ellipsis by "two women are, i.e. represent. Figure of speech Metaphor, App-6. Compare John 6:35; John 10:9.

covenants. Greek. diatheke. Seo Matthew 26:28.

the one = one indeed.

from. Greek. apo. App-104.

Sinai. See Exodus 16:1.

gendereth = heareth children. Greek. gennao, as Galatians 4:23.

to. Greek. eis, as: Galatians 4:6, Galatians 4:11.

bondage. Greek. douleia, App-190.

Agar = Hagar. In Arabic, Hagar (a stone) is a name for Mt. Sinai.

Verse 25

is. i.e. represents.

answereth to = stands in same rank with. Greek. sustoicheo. Only here. Compare Galatians 5:25.

is in bondage = serves. Greek. douleuo. App-190.

with. Greek. meta. App-104,

children. Greek. teknon. App-108.

Verse 26

above. Greek. ano See John 8:23.

all. The texts omit.

Verse 27

the desolate, &c. = many are the children of the desolate rather than of her that hath the husband. Quoted from Isaiah 54:1.

husband. Greek. aner, App-123.

Verse 28

as Isaac was = according to (Greek. kata, as Galatians 4:23)

Isaac, i.e. after the type of Isaac. Compare Romans 4:19,

Verse 29

even so it is now = so it is now also.

Verse 30

Cast out. Greek. ekballo. App-174.

not = by no means. Greek. ou me. App-105.

be heir = inherit. Greek. kleronomeo. See 1 Corinthians 6:9, Quoted from Genesis 21:10.

Verse 31

So then. Tho texts read, "Wherefore. "


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