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Genesis 9



Verse 1

God. Hebrew. "elohlm, the Creator, because in connection with creation (Genesis 9:2) and the earth.

replenish = fill, as in Genesis 6:11.

Verse 2

fear . . . dread. Figure of speech Synonymia.

beast = living thing, as in Genesis 3:1.

earth. Hebrew. "adhamah = the ground.

Verse 3

Every . . . all. Figure of speech Epanadiplosis (App-6), for emphasis. Same word in Hebrew.

Verse 4

life = soul. Hebrew. nephesh. See App-13.

blood. This is the essence and foundation of the doctrine of substitution and atonement = "life for life", "The wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23) and "without shedding of blood [and thus giving up the life] is no remission" (Hebrews 9:22).

Verse 5

of. Genitive of Apposition (App-17) = "blood, [that is] your lives.

lives = souls. Plural of Hebrew. nephesh.

hand of every beast. Figure of speech Prosopopoeia (App-6).

Verse 6

image of God. Hebrew image of "elohim (App-4). See note on Genesis 1:26, and Genesis 3:7. See App-15for the Laws before Sinai.

Verse 9

I, behold, I. Figure of speech Epizeuxis, for emphasis.

covenant. Mentioned seven times in verses: Genesis 9:9-17.

Verse 10

creature = soul. Hebrew. nephesh. So rendered in Genesis 1:21, Genesis 1:24; Genesis 2:19; Genesis 9:10, Genesis 9:12, Genesis 9:15, Genesis 9:16. Leviticus 11:46, &c. See App-13.

Verse 12

token, or sign; then so associated with the bow.

Verse 13

set. Hebrew grant. Not then first seen as a phenomenon, but then first assigned as a token.

Verse 14

that. Hebrew = and [when]. See Genesis 9:13.

Verse 15

remember. Figure of speech Anthropopatheia.

Verse 16

everlasting covenant. This expression occurs thirteen times in O.T. and once in N.T., making fourteen in all. Genesis 9:16; Genesis 17:13, Genesis 17:19. Leviticus 24:8. 2 Samuel 23:5. 1 Chronicles 16:17. Psalms 105:10. Isaiah 24:5; Isaiah 55:3; Isaiah 61:8. Jeremiah 32:40. Ezekiel 37:26, and Hebrews 13:20.

Verse 20

began to be = was. Hebrew idiom. Compare Luke 12:1. Matthew 26:37. Mark 10:41. Luke 3:23. Mark 11:15.

husbandman. Hebrew. man of the ground, i.e. giving himself to tillage.

Verse 21

wine: first occurance. Hebrew. yayin. See App-27.

[Conversion Note:Some versions of the Companion Bible text on the Internet have the following comment for this verse but the original book (that I have) does not. Nevertheless the comment is presented.]

Compare Leviticus 18:8, which says: "The nakedness of thy father"s wife shall thou not uncover: it is thy father"s nakedness." Ham committed a sinful sex act with his mother. See also Leviticus 20:11.

Verse 24

awoke. Septuagint eknepho, only here 1 Samuel 25:37. Habakkuk 2:7, Habakkuk 2:19; and Joel 1:5. In N.T. only 1 Corinthians 15:34, means very much awake, awake to wisdom.

younger = than Japheth, not Shem. See notes on Genesis 5:32; Genesis 10:1.

Verse 25

Cursed. Fulfillment in Book of Joshua. servant of servants. Figure of speech Polyptoton.

Verse 26

Blessed. Fulfillment in Shem being in the line of the promised seed, and in the overthrow of Canaanites.

Verse 27

enlarge Japheth. Figure of speech Paronomasia (App-6). Yapht le-yephth. Fulfillment in increase of Western nations.

dwell: as in a Tabernacle (Genesis 3:24, which see), i.e. worship the God of Shem: Israel"s God, Hebrew. shakan. See App-40. Gentiles to be blessed in Shem. The Eunuch (Ham) Acts 8. Saul (Shem) Acts 9. Cornelius (Japheth) Acts 10. See note on Genesis 11:9.

tents. Hebrew. "ohel (App-40). Probably plural of majesty, the Great Tent or Tabernacle of Shem, who would thus be the "Priest of the most High God". See note on Genesis 14:18.


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