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Luke 13



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Verse 1

were present = arrived.

at = in. Greek. en. App-104. Not the same word as in Luke 13:24.

told Him = telling Him.

of = about. Greek. peri. App-104.

Galilaeans . . . Pilate. Probably the cause of the enmity of Luke 23:12.

with. Greek. meta. App-104.

Verse 2

Jesus (App-98. X). Read "He" with [L] T Tr. A WI R.

were = happened to be.

sinners = defaulters. Connecting it with Luke 12:58.

above. Greek para. App-104.

suffered = have suffered.

Verse 3

tell = say to.

Nay. Greek. ouchi. App-105.

except ye repent = if (App-118) ye repent (App-111) not (App-105).

Verse 4

upon. Greek. epi. App-104.

in. Greek en. App-104. Not the same word as in Luke 13:21.

Siloam. See App-68. Compare Nehemiah 3:16. Isaiah 8:6. John 19:7.

slew = killed.

men. Greek. anthropos. App-123.

Verse 6

this parable. Combining the fig tree and the vineyard. See John 15:1.

a fig tree. The symbol of Israel"s national privilege. See notes on Judges 9:8-12. Here it denotes that special privilege of that generation. Compare Jeremiah 24:3. Hosea 9:10. Matthew 21:19.

vineyard. Psalms 80:8-11. Compare Isaiah 5:2, &c.

thereon = on (Greek. en. App-104.) it.

none = not (App-105. a) any.

Verse 7

unto. Greek. pros. App-104.

dresser of vineyard. One word in Greek. Occurs only here. Behold. Figure of speech Asterismos. App-6.

these three years. Can refer only to the period of the Lord"s ministry. The texts add aph" hou = from which, or since (three years). on. Greek. en. App-104.

cut it down = cut it out: i.e. from among the vines.

cumbereth it the ground = injureth it the soil also. The Authorized Version omits this "also", though it stands in the Greek text.

cumbereth. Greek. katargeo. Only here in the Gospels. Twenty-five times in the Epistles in the sense of vitiate. See Romans 3:3.

Verse 8

Lord. App-98.

this: i.e. this third year.

about. Greek. peri. App-104.

dung it = put manure. Greek. kopria. Only here, and Luke 14:35.

Verse 9

if, &c. App-118.

not. Greek. mege, compound of me. App-105.

after that in (Greek. eis. App-104.) the future.

thou shalt. Note, not I will.

Verse 10

sabbath. Plural See on Luke 24:1.

Verse 11

spirit. Greek. pneuma. An evil demon. App-101.12.

of = causing. Genitive of Origin. App-17.

eighteen years. A type of the condition of the nation. A long-standing case, as "Signs" "C" and "C". App-176.

bowed together = bent double. Occurs only here in N.T.

could in no wise lift = wholly unable to lift, &c.

in no wise. Not. Greek. ou me, as in Luke 13:35; but me eis to panteles = not unto the furthest extent = unable to the uttermost. Occurs only here (complete human inability), and Hebrews 7:25(complete Divine ability).

lift up. Occurs only here, Luke 21:28 and John 8:7, John 8:10 in the N.T.

Verse 12

saw. App-133.

loosed. Used of disease only here in N.T., because she had been bound with a demoniac band. See note on Mark 7:35.

Verse 13

made straight = set upright again. Greek. anorthoo. Occurs only here, Acts 16:16. Hebrews 12:12. Compare am = again, in analuo Luke 12:36 ("return ").

Verse 14

not. Greek. me. App-105.

Verse 15

hypocrite. See note on Luke 11:44

not. Greek. ou. App-105.

loose. Compare note on Luke 13:12, and see the Structure.

from. Greek. apo. App-104.

Verse 16

ought. The same word as the ruler"s, but as an Interrogative. The former was based on ceremonial law; the Lord"s, on the necessity of Divine love.

daughter. Put by Figure of speech Synecdoche (of Species), App-6. for descendant.

lo. Greek. idou. App-133. Same as Behold, Luke 13:7.

bond. See note on Mark 7:35.

Verse 17

when He had said = while He was saying.

ashamed = put to shame

for = at. Greek. epi. App-104.

done = coming to pass.

by. Greek. hupo. App-104.

Verse 18

Then said He, &c. Repeated with variations from Matthew 13:31, &c.

Unto what . . . ? Compare Isaiah 40:18.

the kingdom of God. App-114.

Verse 19

into. Greek. eis. App-104.

waxed = became into (Greek. eis).

great. Omit [L] T [Tr. A] WH R.

fowls = birds.

the air = the heaven. Singular. See notes on Matthew 6:9, Matthew 6:10.

lodged = nested. Greek. kataskenoo. Occurs four times: here; Matthew 13:32. Mark 4:32, Acts 2:26.

Verse 21

leaven. See note on Matthew 13:33.

in. Greek. eis. App-104.

Verse 22

through. Greek. kata. App-104.

journeying = progressing.

toward. Greek. eis. App-104.

Verse 23

Lord. App-98. A.

are there = if (App-118. a) there are.

be = are being.

Verse 24

Strive = Struggle, literally agonize. Occurs elsewhere only in John 18:36. 1 Corinthians 9:25. Colossians 1:29; Colossians 4:12. 1 Timothy 6:12. 2 Timothy 4:7.

at = through. Greek. dia. App-104. Luke 13:1.

strait = narrow.

gate. All the texts read "door", as in Luke 13:25. In Matthew 7:13 it is "gate".

Verse 25

When once = From (Greek. apo. App-104. iv) whatsoever time. master of the house. App-98.

is risen up = may have risen up (Greek. an).

shut to. Occurs only here.

Lord, Lord. Note the Figure of speech Epizeuxis (App-6), for emphasis. See note on Genesis 22:11.

I know. Greek. oida. App-132.

whence: i, e. of what family or household.

Verse 26

in Thy presence = before Thee.

Thou hast taught, &c. This shows to whom these words are addressed, and thus limits the interpretation to "this generation".

Verse 27

iniquity = unrighteousness. Greek adikia. App-128.

Verse 28

weeping = the weeping. See note on Matthew 8:12.

when. Defining the special occasion.

see. App-133.

thrust out = being cast outside. This is the occasion referred to.

Verse 29

they shall come. A reference to Isaiah 49:12.

and. Note the Figure of speech Polysyndeton. App-6.

sit down = recline (at table). Compare Luke 7:36; Luke 12:37.

Verse 31

The same day = In, or on, &c. (Greek. en. App-104.) = just then.

day. LT Tr. WH R read" hour".

certain of the Pharisees = certain Pharisees.

will = wishes: i.e. means to. See App-102.

Verse 32

fox. Figure of speech Hypocatastasis. App-6.

devils = demons.

do cures = perform, or effect cures.

cures. Occurs only here

and, Acts 4:22, Acts 4:30.

I shall be perfected = I come to an end [of My work]: viz. by the miracle of John 11:40-44. Compare John 19:30.

Verse 33

walk = journey: i.e. through Herod"s country.

it cannot be = it is not (App-105.) fitting. Greek. endechomai. Occurs only here in N.T.

a prophet. See next verse.

out of: i.e. except in.

Verse 34

Jerusalem, Jerusalem. Figure of speech Epizeuxis (App-6). See note on Genesis 22:11. Repeated on the second day before the Passover (Matthew 23:37). See App-156.

killest the prophets. See Luke 11:47; Luke 20:14; Luke 23:34. Compare Isaiah 1:21.

would I have gathered = I desired to gather. Compare Luke 13:36

children. App-108.

hen. Specially contrasted with "fox", Luke 13:32. Compare Matthew 23:37.

under. Greek. hupo. App-104.

ye would not = ye did not desire it.

Verse 35

your house = the Temple. It had been Jehovah"s house. Compare John 2:16. Now it was no longer owned as His. Compare Luke 19:46.

desolate. Every place is "desolate" where Christ is not.

verily. See note on Matthew 5:18.

not = by no means. Greek. ou me. App-105. until. Greek. heos an all the texts omit "an", but it does not alter the conditional sense, which is in the verb).

Blessed. Figure of speech Benedictio, as in Luke 1:42; Luke 19:38; not Beatitude, as in Luke 12:37, Luke 12:38, Luke 12:43, or Luke 14:14, Luke 14:15. Quoted from Psalms 118:26. Referring to the final and national repentance of Israel, which might have been then (Acts 3:18-20)near, but Acts 28:25-28 is yet future, while all blessedness has been postponed.

He That cometh = the coming One.

LORD = Jehovah. App-4and App-98.


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