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Mark 7



Verse 1

unto. Greek pros. App-104.

Pharisees. See App-120.

from = away from. Greek. apo App-104.

Jerusalem. Their head-quarters. Compare Matthew 15:1.

Verse 2

saw. Greek. eidon, App-133.

defiled = not ceremonially cleansed.

that is to say. Explanation for Gentile readers.

Verse 3

For, &c. Mark 7:3-4 are interposed by the Figure of speech Parembole (App-6).

wash. Greek. nipto. App-136.

oft = diligently. Greek. pugme = with the fist. T reads pukna = often. Syr, reads

not. Greek. ou. App-105.

holding = holding fast or firmly. Compare Hebrews 4:14. Revelation 2:25. Implying (here) determined adherence to.

elders. Always denoting in the Papyri an official class, whether sacred or secular.

Verse 4

when they come. Figure of speech Ellipsis (absolute). App-6.

wash = wash themselves (ceremonially). Greek. baptizo. WH R margin read rhantizo = sprinkle (ceremonially). See App-136. .

washing. The ceremonial cleansing effected by means of water (Numbers 8:6, Numbers 8:7). Greek. baptismos = the act of cleansing: not baptisma = the rite or ceremonial of baptism, which is the word in all the other passages, except Mark 7:8, and Hebrews 6:2; Hebrews 9:10. See App-115. .

pots. Greek. xestes. A Latin word (sextarius); a pitcher of any kind, holding about a pint. and of tables = and of couches. So Syriac.

Verse 5

according to. Greek. kata. App-104.

Verse 6

Esaias = Isaiah. See App-79.

of = concerning. Greek peri. App-104.,

hypocrites. The definition of the word follows.

it is written = it standeth written.

This People, &c. Quoted from Isaiah 29:13. See App-107.

Verse 7

worship. Greek. sebomai. App-137.

commandments = injunctions.

men. Greek plural of anthropos. App-123.

Verse 8

laying aside = having forsaken. Same word as in Mark 1:18, Mark 1:20.

God. App-98.

other. Greek. allos. App-124.

Verse 9

Full well. Same as "Well" in Mark 7:6

reject = set aside.

keep = observe.

Verse 10

Moses. See note on Mark 1:44.

Honour, &c. Quoted from Exodus 20:12; Exodus 21:17.

die the death = surely die.

Verse 11

If. The condition being purely hypothetical. See App-118.

Corhan = a gilt dedicated to God. A Divine supplement, giving the word and then translating it. See notes on Matthew 15:5. Leviticus 1:2. Ezekiel 40:43.

by = from. Greek. ek. App-104.

Verse 13

Making. of none effect = Making void, or annulling. Compare Matthew 15:6.

the word of God. Notice the Lord"s claim here for the Mosaic Law. Greek logos. See note on Mark 9:32.

ye have delivered. Note the Past Tense, thus identifying them with their forefathers. Compare Matthew 23:35, "ye slew".

Verse 14

people = crowd.

every one of you = all. But there are many to-day who neither "hear" nor understand.

Verse 15

into. Greek. eis. App-104.

can defile = is able to defile.

of = away from. Greek apo. App-104.

Verse 16

If any man = If any one. See App-118and App-142. Assuming the hypothesis, the result being yet unfulfilled. T WH R omit Mark 7:16. TR and A put it in brackets. But the Structure requires it; and the Syriac has it.

Verse 17

house. Supply the Ellipsis thus: "house [away] from".

His disciples. The third of the three parties addressed in this chapter. See verses: Mark 7:1, Mark 7:14, Mark 7:17.

asked = began asking.

concerning. Greek. peri. App-104, as in Mark 7:6.

Verse 18

so . . . also = even so.

whatsoever thing from without = all [counted unclean] from without.

cannot = is not (App-105) able to.

Verse 19

draught = sewer. Syriac reads "digestive process". purging all meats. Supply the Ellipsis thus (being the Divine comment on the Lord"s words): "[this He said], making all meats clean", as in Acts 10:15. The Syriac reads "carrying off all that is eaten": making it part of the Lord"s parable.

Verse 20

And He said, &c. Note the Figure of speech Epimone. App-6.

cometh = issueth,

out of. Greek. ek. App-101.

Verse 21

evil. App-128. Note the Figure Asyndeton, leading up to the climax in Mark 7:23. Note that in the Greek the first seven are plural, and the other six singular,

thoughts = reasonings,

Verse 22

covetousness = covetous desires.

Wickedness = wickednesses. App-128.

deceit = guile.

lasciviousness = licentiousness.

evil. App-128.

evil eye. Figure of speech Catachresis. App-6. Denoting envy, which proceeds out of the heart.

blasphemy = evil speaking in general. Matthew 27:39. Romans 3:8; Romans 14:16, 1 Peter 4:4.

pride = haughtiness. Compare Proverbs 16:5, Romans 12:16, 1 Timothy 3:6.

Verse 23

come = issue. A Divine supplement, here.

Verse 24

went = went away. See note on "withdrew", Mark 3:7; Mark 6:31,

would = wished to. App-102.,

no man = no one.

know = get to know. Greek. ginosko. App-132.

Verse 25

For, &c. Connect this with Mark 7:24, as being an evidence why He could not be hid.

young daughter. Greek. thugatrion = little daughter (Dim.) See Ch. Mark 5:23.

spirit. Greek. pneuma. See App-101. Compare Mark 7:26.

at = towards. Greek. pros. App-104.

Verse 26

The woman But (or Now) the woman.

Greek = Gentile, Greek. hellenis. Used in a general sense for non-Jewish.

Syrophenician. Phenicia in Syria, to distinguish it from Phenicia in North Africa (Libyo-Phenicia).

besought. App-134. Not the same word as in Mark 7:22.

the devil = the demon: the spirit of Mark 7:25.

Verse 27

Jesus. App-98.

Let the children first be filled. This is a summary of Matthew 15:23, Matthew 15:24, and a Divine supplement, here.

children. Greek. Plural of teknon. See App-108. Not the same word as in Mark 7:28.

meet = good,

dogs = little or domestic dogs. Greek. kunarion. Dim. of kuon. Occ, only here and Matthew 15:26, Matthew 15:27. These were not the pariah dogs of the street, but domestic pets.

Verse 28

answered and said. See notes on Deuteronomy 1:41 and on Matthew 15:26, &c.

Lord. App-98. B.

under the table. A Divine supplement, here.

children"s. See App-108. Not the same word as in Mark 7:27.

Verse 29

And, &c. Verses Mark 29:30 are a Divine supplement, here.

For = Because, or on account of. Greek. dia. App-104. Mark 7:2.

Verse 30

to = into. Greek. eos. App-104.

gone out: i.e. permanently (Perf. Tense).

her = the.

laid = thrown; by the convulsion. Compare Mark 1:26; Mark 9:20.

upon. Greek. epi. App-104.

Verse 31

from = out of. Greek ek. App-104.

coasts = borders.

Galilee. See App-169.

Verse 32

And, Mark 7:32-37 are a Divine supplement, here.

deaf. impediment. Not horn deaf, and dumb in consequence; but the impediment may have come through subsequent deafness. He could speak, but with difficulty, through not being able to hear his own voice. Compare Mark 7:35.

beseech. App-134.; not the same word as in Mark 7:26.

put = lay. Not the same word as in next verse.

Verse 33

multitude = crowd, same as "people" in Mark 7:14.

put = thrust. Not the some word as in Mark 7:32.

and. Note the Figure of speech Polysyndeton (App-6), particularising each not.

Verse 34

heaven = the heaven. Singular. See note on Matthew 6:9, Matthew 6:10

sighs = groaned.

Ephphatha. An Aramaic word. See App-94.

Verse 35

straightway = immediately. See note on Mark 1:10, Mark 1:12.

string = band. Not a physiological or technical ex pression, but the bond of demoniac influence which is thus indicated. The Papyri contain detailed prescriptions for "binding" a man; and cases are particu larly common in which a man"s tongue is specially to be bound. See Prof. Deissmann"s Light from the Ancient East, pp. 306-310. The Lord alludes to this in Luke 13:16.

loosed. The demoniac"s fetters were loosed, and the work of Satan was undone.

spake = began speaking.

plain = correctly. Denoting the fact of articulation, not the words spoken.

Verse 36

published = kept proclaiming. See App-121.


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