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Revelation 17



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Verse 1

seven angels . . . vials. See Revelation 15:7.

talked. App-121.

unto me. The texts omit.

unto = to.

judgment. App-177.

waters. See Revelation 17:15.

Verse 2

earth. App-129.

have. Omit.

the inhabiters, &c. The texts rend "they that inhabit the earth were made drunken", &c.

Verse 3

So = And.

Spirit. App-101. See Revelation 1:10.

the. No art., but this is often omitted after a preposition.

saw. App-133.

a woman. i.e. "that great city" of Revelation 17:18.

sit = sitting; as supported by that being described in verses: Revelation 17:8-11.

upon. App-104.

heads. These are the kings of Revelation 17:10.

Verse 4

decked. Literally "gilded".

stones = stone.

golden cup. Compare Jeremiah 51:7.

abominations. Greek. bdelugma, used in Septuagint of an idol (2 Kings 23:13, &c.); in plural, of idolatry (Deuteronomy 18:9, &c). Called "abominations" because of the uncleanness practiced in the worship.

and filthiness = and having the unclean things; as the texts.

Verse 5

MYSTERY. See App-193and App-. The verse should be read, "And upon her forehead (she had) a name written, a secret symbol (musterion), BABYLON THE GREAT, the mother of the harlots and of the abominations of the earth". The name of the woman is therefore a secret sign or symbol of "that great city" which she personifies (Revelation 17:18).

HARLOTS = the harlots.

OF THE EARTH. Babylon is the fountain-head of all idolatry and systems of false worship. This is the "mystery of iniquity" (2 Thessalonians 2:7) seen in all the great "religions" of the world. All alike substitute another god for the God of the Bible; a god made either with the hands or with the imagination, but equally made; a religion consisting of human merit and endeavor. The "Reunion of the Churches" of Christendom and the "League of Nations" are two of the most arresting signs of the times.

Verse 6

saints. See Acts 9:13.

martyrs. See p. 1511.

Jesus. App-98.

admiration = wonder. In this phrase is the Figure of speech Polyptoton. App-6.

Verse 7

marvel. As "wonder", verses: Revelation 17:6, Revelation 17:8.

Verse 8

was, &c. Implying a time between Rev. 12 and Rev. 13.

shall = is about to.

perdition. See John 17:12.

names. The texts read "name".

were not = hath not been.

book. &c. See Philippians 1:4, Philippians 1:3.

life. App-170.

foundation, &c. See App-146.

behold. App-133.

that. The texts read "because it".

and yet is = and shall be present; as the texts.

Verse 9

And. Omit.

mind. Same as "understanding" in Revelation 13:18.

wisdom. Compare App-132.

The . . . sitteth. This belongs to Revelation 17:10.

are. i.e. represent.

on. App-104.

Verse 10

there. Greek. they.

are fallen = fell.

and. Omit.

one = the one is. i.e. at this stage of the vision.

and. Omit.

other. The seventh. App-124.

not yet. Greek. oupo.

cometh = shall have come.

continue. See p. 1511 (abide).

Verse 11

he = he himself (emph.)

the = an.

is. Omit. This being is described as an eighth head, not king.

Verse 12

no . . . as yet. As "not yet" above.

power. App-172.

one hour, i.e. at one and the same hour. Confusion results from substituting "kingdoms" for "kings" in the connection. The Holy Spirit says kings; who and what they are will be known at the time of their association with the beast.

Verse 13

mind. App-177.

shall give. The texts read "they give", i.e. of their own free will.

power. App-172.1 and Revelation 176:1.

strength. App-172.

Verse 14

overcome. As in Rev 2and Rev 3. See App-197.

Lord. App-98.

lords. App-98.

called. Greek. kletos. Only here in Rev. First occurance. Matthew 20:16.

chosen. Greek. eklektos. Only here in Rev. See Matthew 20:16 (first occ).

faithful. See App-150and App-175.

Verse 16

upon. Greek. epi; but the texts read "and".

shall = will.

her. i.e. the city. Compare Jeremiah 50:32.

Verse 17

hath put = put. Literally "gave".

fulfil. Literally "do".

will. App-177.

agree = carry out (literally "do") one purpose (App-177.)

kingdom. Singular. Compare Revelation 17:12.

words. Greek. rhema, but the texts read App-121.

fulfilled. Compare App-125.

Verse 18

that = the.

reigneth. Literally having a kingdom, or sovereignty.

kings . . . earth. Those who are so called in Revelation 16:14. See also Revelation 17:2.


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