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Revelation 18



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Verse 1

And. Omit.

after, &c. See Revelation 1:19.

saw. App-133.

another. App-124. Not the speaker of Rev 17, but one invested with great authority and glory.

come = coming.

heaven. See Revelation 3:12.

power. App-172.

earth. App-129.

lightened. Greek. photizo. Compare App-130.

with. Same as "from", above.

Verse 2

mightily. The texts read "with (Greek. en) a mighty (compare App-172.) voice (Greek. phone)".

Babylon . . . fallen. See Revelation 14:8. Isaiah 21:9. Jeremiah 51:8.

the = a.

habitation. Greek. katoiketerion. Only here and Ephesians 2:22, which see.

devils = demons. See App-101.

hold = prison, or cage, as below. See Revelation 2:10; Revelation 20:7.

foul = unclean, as below.

spirit. App-101.

cage. See "hold" above.

unclean. See "foul" above.

Verse 3

nations = the nations.

wine . . . wrath = furious wine. Figure of speech. Antimereia (of Noun). App-6.

have. Omit.

are. Omit.

through = by. Greek. ek. App-104.

abundance. App-172.1; Revelation 176:1.

delicacies = luxury. Greek. strenos. Only here in NT.; its verb only in verses: Revelation 7:9. This identifies the city with that of Rev 17. In addition, it is here implied that Babylon will become the head-quarters of Spiritism, the habitation of demons, and the hold of every unclean spirit. Jer 50and Jer 51should be carefully studied in connection with these two chapters, as many of the things predicted there await fulfillment in the coming evil days.

Verse 4

another. App-124.

Come = Come forth.

My People. See Jeremiah 50:4-9, and compare Isaiah 10:20, Isaiah 10:24.

that = in order that. Greek. hina.

sins. App-128.

plagues. Greek. plege. See Revelation 13:3 (wound) and App-197.

Verse 5

have, hath. Omit.

reached. The texts read "joined" or "built together".

unto = up to.

God. App-98.

iniquities. App-128.

Verse 6

Reward = Render. Compare Mark 12:17 and Jeremiah 51:24.

rewarded = rendered. Same word.

you. Omit, and supply "others".

double. This word is put for full compensation. Figure of speech Metonymy. App-6.

unto her. Omit.

according to. App-104.

in. App-104.

hath filled, fill = mixed, mix.

Verse 7

hath. Omit.

glorified. Seep. 1511.

lived deliciously. See Revelation 18:3 above.

torment. Greek. basanismos. Here; verses: Revelation 18:10, Revelation 18:15. See Revelation 9:5.

I sit, &c. See Isaiah 47:8.

queen. A queen who is not a widow, implies a king-consort. Greek. "no widow" may be Figure of speech Tapeinosis. App-6.

no. App-105.

see. App-133.

no. App-105.

Verse 8

Therefore = For this cause. Greek. dia (App-104. Revelation 18:2) touto.

come. i.e. suddenly. Same word in 2 Peter 3:10.

with. App-104.

strong = mighty, as verses: Revelation 18:10, Revelation 18:21. See Revelation 18:2.

LORD. App-98.

judgeth. The texts read "judged". App-122. The suddenness and completeness of Babylon"s judgment and disappearance from the face of the earth is the prominent feature of this prophecy, proving that that judgment has not yet taken place. Isaiah 13:20. Jeremiah 50:13, Jeremiah 50:39, Jeremiah 50:40; Jeremiah 51:29, Jeremiah 51:37, Jeremiah 51:43; &c., await fulfillment.

Verse 9

have. Omit.

for = over. App-104.

shall. Omit.

see. App-133.

burning. Greek. purosis. Only here, Revelation 18:18, and 1 Peter 4:12.

Verse 10

off. Greek. apo. App-104.

that = the.

mighty. See Revelation 18:8.

judgment. App-177. These "kings of the earth" are those of Revelation 17:2. The ten kings are never seen by John apart from the beast, and the "kings of the earth" are always seen in connection with Babylon.

Verse 11

shall. Omit.

over. App-104.

no man = no one. Greek. oudeis.

buyeth. Greek. agorazo, rend, "redeemed" in Revelation 5:9; Revelation 14:3, Revelation 14:4; elsewhere always "buy". First occurance: Matthew 13:44.

any = no. App-105.

more = longer. The texts read here ouketi.

Verse 12

precious. Greek. timios. The noun in Revelation 18:19.

most precious. Superl. of Greek. timios above.

Verse 13

beasts = cattle.

chariots. Greek. rheda. Only here. Gallic word for a four-wheeled coach or vehicle, a sign of luxury.

slaves. Literally bodies. Greek. soma. By Figure of speech Metonymy (App-6) for "slaves". See Genesis 36:6 (Septuagint)

souls of men = men. A Hebraism for "persons of men", or simply "men". See (Septuagint) Numbers 31:35. 1 Chronicles 5:21. Ezekiel 27:13.

souls. App-110and App-170

men. App-123. Figure of speech Polysyndeton in verses: Revelation 18:12, Revelation 18:13.

Verse 14

that . . . after. Literally of thy soul"s (App-110) desire (Greek. epithumia. See 1 John 2:16, 1 John 2:17).

departed. Most texts read "perished".

thou, &c. Most of the texts read "and they (men) shall never more at all (Greek. ouketi ou me. App-105.) find them". The list consists entirely of luxuries (see Revelation 18:3).

Verse 16

And. Omit.

Alas, alas, = Woe! woe! as Revelation 18:10 and Revelation 18:19.

that = the.

stones = stone.

Verse 17

in one hour. See Revelation 18:19.

come, &c As "made desolate", Revelation 18:18.

all . . . ships. The texts read "every one that saileth any whither", indicating travellers of all kinds.

trade . . . sea. Literally work the sea, i.e. for a living.

Verse 18

when, &c. = as they looked upon (the texts read App-133.)

unto. Omit.

this = the.

Verse 19

that = the.

wherein = in (App-104.) which.

ships = the ships.

by reason of. Greek. ek. App-104.

one hour. See Revelation 18:10 and compare Isaiah 47:11; Isaiah 18:17 and Jeremiah 50:26, Jeremiah 18:19 and Jeremiah 51:8. Ancient Babylon, after its capture by Cyrus, gradually diminished.

is = was.

made desolate. See "come to nought", Revelation 18:17.

Verse 20

over. App-104., with texts.

holy = saints (see Acts 9:13) and.

apostles, prophets. App-189.

hath avenged. Literally judged your judgment (App-122 and App-177); i.e. hath folly avenged you. Figure of speech polyptoton. App-6.

on. Greek. ek. App-104. Now has come the time of the avenging Luke 18:7, Luke 18:8.

Verse 21

like = as it were.

into. App-104.

violence = furious rush. Greek. hormema. Only here. Revised Version reads "mighty fall". Compare Acts 14:5 (assault. Greek. horme).

that. = the.

no more at all. Six times here. App-105.

at all. Compare Jeremiah 51:64. Ezekiel 26:21.

Verse 22

any more = no more, as above.

Verse 23

light. App-130.

candle = lamp.

shine. See App-106.

the, the. Omit.

sorceries = sorcery. See Revelation 9:21.

nations = the nations.

deceived. App-128. Compare Isaiah 47:9.

Verse 24

prophets. App-189.

saints. See Revelation 18:20 (holy).


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