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Revelation 9



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Verse 1

saw. App-133.

star. The symbol of him who had already become "fallen" before John "saw". Compare Luke 10:18. Isaiah 14:12.

fall = fallen.

from. App-104.

heaven. See Revelation 3:12.

unto. App-104.

earth. App-129.

the . . . pit = the pit (Greek. phrear. Here, Revelation 9:2. Luke 14:5. John 4:11, John 4:12, "well") of the abyss (Greek. abussos. Here, verses: Revelation 2:11; Revelation 11:7; Revelation 17:8; Revelation 20:1, Revelation 20:3. Luke 8:31. Romans 10:7). See App-197.

Verse 2

out of. App-104.

furnace. Compare Revelation 1:15. Indicating a place of fire, but not to be confused with Hades (Sheol) or with Tartarus. Compare Jeremiah 4:23-28, where the judgments are against Judah and the Land. Here, John sees them extended to the whole earth.

by reason of Greek. ek. App-104.

Verse 3

locusts. Greek. akris. Here; Revelation 9:7. Matthew 3:4. Mark 1:6.

unto = to.

power. App-172.

scorpions. Greek. skorpios. Here; verses: Revelation 9:5, Revelation 9:10. Luke 10:19; Luke 11:12. As in Exodus 10:14, these are no ordinary locusts, which "have no king" (Proverbs 30:27). See Revelation 9:11 and compare Joel 2:25. Here "men" are the objects of their power to inflict hurt.

Verse 4

commanded = said.

that . . . not = in order that (Greek. hina). . . not (App-105).

neither. Greek. oude.

but. Greek. ei (App-118) me (App-105).

only. The texts omit.

men. App-123.

in = upon. Greek. epi. App-104.

Verse 5

that . . . not. As in Revelation 9:4.

tormented. Greek. basanizo, literally to test (metals) by the touchstone, then to torture. Occurs: Revelation 11:10; Revelation 12:2 (pained); Revelation 14:10; Revelation 20:10. See Matthew 8:29. Mark 5:7. Luke 8:28. "Torment" is specially connected with demons.

five months. Compare the fixed periods of Numbers 11:19, Numbers 11:20; 2 Samuel 24:13; where the term is taken literally, as it should be here also. The period of locusts is five months: May-September. See Genesis 7:24.

torment. Greek. basanismos. Here; Revelation 14:11; Revelation 18:7, Revelation 10:15. See App-197. The verb, above.

he = it.

Verse 6

seek. As in Romans 2:7.

not. The texts read "in nowise", the strong negative. App-105.

shall flee = fleeth.

Verse 7

shapes = likenesses. See Romans 1:23.

horses. See Joe 2 for similar creatures which (Revelation 2:8) it is impossible to wound or kill.

were. Omit.

Crowns. Greek. stephanos. Occ eight times in Rev., always connected with heavenly purposes except here.

Verse 9

sound. Locusts in flight give out a great sound. These supernatural creatures will appal by the sound of their wings.

Verse 10

had = have.

Verse 11

And. The texts omit.

over. App-104.

in . . . tongue. Greek. Hebraisti.

Abaddon. Hebrew word. The "destruction" of Job 26:6; Job 28:22; Job 31:12. Psalms 88:11. Proverbs 15:11; Proverbs 27:20. Here personified as Abaddon and Apollyon, the "Destroyer". Compare Isaiah 16:4. Jeremiah 4:7; Jeremiah 6:26. Daniel 8:24, Daniel 8:25; Daniel 9:26; Daniel 11:44.

his = a.

Verse 12

One. i.e. the first woe.

and. Omit.

behold. App-133.

more = yet.

hereafter. Greek. meta tauta.

Verse 13

a = one (Revelation 8:13).

four. Omit.

altar. See Revelation 6:9.

Verse 14

in. Greek. epi. App-104.

Euphrates. Connected with the judgments of the great day. See Jeremiah 46:4-10.

Verse 15

were = had been.

for. Greek. eis. App-104.

an = the

hour, day, month, year. A fixed point of time, not a period of duration. The four notes of time being under one article and one preposition show that the occasion is one particular moment appointed by God.

for = in order. Greek. hina.

third part. See Revelation 8:7.

Verse 16

army = armies.

two . . . thousand. Literally two myriads of myriads, a literal number which John heard and recorded. Compare Revelation 7:4. See App-197.

and. Omit.

Verse 17

vision. Greek. horasis. Occurs: Revelation 4:3 and Acts 2:17. Compare App-133.

on. App-104.

of fire. Greek. purinos. Only here.

brimstone. Greek. theiodes. Only here.

brimstone. Greek. theion, six times in Rev., and in Luke 17:29. See App-197.

Verse 18

By. Greek. apo. App-104. as the texts.

three. The texts add "plagues". See App-197.

by. Greek. ek. App-104. The texts omit the last two occurances of ek: (by).

Verse 19

their power. The texts read "the power of the horses".

serpents. Greek. ophis, as in Revelation 12:9, Revelation 12:14, Revelation 12:15; Revelation 20:2. See Jeremiah 8:17.

Verse 20

rest. App-124.

plagues. See note, Revelation 9:18.

repented. App-111.

that . . . not. See Revelation 9:5.

worship. App-137.

devils = demons. A worship which is widespread over the world at this hour, despite the Divine warnings. Distinguished from worship of idols.

idols = the idols. Greek. eidolon. Only occurrence in Rev. Not found in the Gospels.

neither, nor. Greek. oute.

see. App-133. Compare Psalms 115:4-8.

Verse 21

Neither = And . . . not (App-105).

sorceries. Greek. pharmakeia. Occurs: Revelation 18:23. See Galatians 1:5, Galatians 1:20 (witchcraft).


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