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Acts 1:8 (r.v.) Divine Enduement

Acts 1:11 Ascended into Heaven

Acts 1:26 The Election of Matthias

Acts 2:1 Pentecost

Acts 2:4 Filled with the Spirit

Acts 2:17 ‘A Message of Hope’

Acts 2:38 Repentance

Acts 2:42 The Apostles’ Doctrine

Acts 3:14 (r.v.) The Victory of Goodness

Acts 3:19-20 St. Peter’s Appeal to the Jews

Acts 4:13 Companions of Christ

Acts 4:19 The Decisive Test

Acts 4:36 St. Barnabas

Acts 5:12; Acts 5:14 A Prophecy Fulfilled

Acts 5:29 A Wonderful Change

Acts 5:42 A Model Ministry

Acts 6:4 The Diaconate

Acts 7:55 The First Christian Martyr

Acts 7:56 St. Stephen’s Vision

Acts 7:59 A Last Prayer

Acts 8:8 The Christian City

Acts 8:17 The First Confirmation

Acts 8:35 Preaching Jesus

Acts 8:39 The Joys of Life

Acts 9:3 The Heavenly Vision

Acts 9:4; Acts 9:6 The Conversion of St. Paul

Acts 9:6 The Young Convert’s Inquiry

Acts 9:16 The Discipline of Life

Acts 9:34 The Message to Æneas

Acts 10:4 Almsgiving

Acts 10:38 The Victory of Beneficence

Acts 10:43 Christ and the Holy Scriptures

Acts 11:9 The Catholicity of the Gospel

Acts 11:13-14 The Spiritual History of Cornelius

Acts 11:18 The Nature of Repentance

Acts 11:20 The Subject of all Preaching

Acts 11:22 The Deputation to Antioch

Acts 11:23 Cleaving unto the Lord

Acts 11:24 Characteristics of St. Barnabas

Acts 11:24 The Meaning of Goodness

Acts 11:24 ‘Good, but Weak’

Acts 11:26 The name ‘Christian’

Acts 11:26 What is it to be a Christian?

Acts 11:26 The True-hearted Christian

Acts 12:2 A Great Apostle

Acts 12:2 Slain by the Sword

Acts 12:2 Evil over-ruled

Acts 12:2 Death and its Results

Acts 12:5 ‘Answered Prayers’

Acts 12:5 A Christian Prisoner

Acts 12:5 The Church at Prayer

Acts 12:7 Man’s Extremity, God’s Opportunity

Acts 12:7 St. Peter’s Deliverance

Acts 13:2-3 Separation and Ordination

Acts 13:2-3 An Early Missionary Incident

Acts 13:2-3 The Missionary Work of the Church

Acts 13:2-3 Reflex Benefit of Missions

Acts 13:30 The Great Truth of Easter

Acts 13:32 Glad Tidings

Acts 13:32-33 St. Paul’s Witness

Acts 13:36 David’s Service and Ours

Acts 13:38 The Forgiveness of Sins

Acts 13:39 Justification

Acts 13:45 The Envy of the Jews

Acts 14:14-15 Expediency or Principle

Acts 14:17 God’s Gifts to Men

Acts 14:22 Trial, a Help Heavenward

Acts 15:36 Consider your Ways

Acts 15:39 Righteous Anger

Acts 16:1-3 The Call of Timothy

Acts 16:9 The Vision at Troas

Acts 16:9 A Cry for Help

Acts 16:14 Lydia

Acts 16:14 Lydia’s Conversion

Acts 16:14 The Religion of the Heart

Acts 16:30 The Philippian Jailer

Acts 16:31 St. Paul’s Advice to the Jailer

Acts 16:31 The Way of Salvation

Acts 16:31 Faith: Its Nature, Object, and Effect

Acts 16:31 Saving Faith

Acts 16:31 Illustrations of Faith

Acts 16:31 A Full Salvation

Acts 16:34 The Jailer’s Conversion

Acts 17:2-3 The Preparation for Christ

Acts 17:2-3 St. Paul at Thessalonica

Acts 17:11-12 The Story of the Bereans

Acts 17:16 The Great University City of the World

Acts 17:18 Historical Certainty of the Resurrection

Acts 17:20 ‘Strange Things’

Acts 17:23 ‘The Unknown God’

Acts 17:27 The Nearness of God

Acts 17:28 ‘In Him’

Acts 17:30 An Universal Command

Acts 17:31 The Resurrection and the Judgment

Acts 17:32; Acts 17:34 Three Classes of Hearers

Acts 18:9-10 Witnesses Wanted

Acts 18:9-10 The Vision

Acts 18:9-10 The Presence of Christ

Acts 18:24 The Character of Apollos

Acts 18:28 Convinced from the Scriptures

Acts 19:2 The Gospel of the Holy Ghost

Acts 19:2 Spiritual Defect

Acts 19:2 The Personality of the Holy Ghost

Acts 19:2 Tokens of the Holy Spirit

Acts 19:2 The Receiving of the Comforter

Acts 19:2 Ignorance Indeed

Acts 19:2 The Spirit of Life

Acts 19:8 In the Synagogue

Acts 19:11 Miracles at Ephesus

Acts 19:16 The Seven Sins of Sceva

Acts 19:19 Home Reading

Acts 19:19 Bad Books Given Up

Acts 19:21 Disappointed Hopes

Acts 19:24 False Zeal

Acts 19:34 ‘Great is Diana!’

Acts 20:7 Public Worship

Acts 20:9 Eutychus

Acts 20:21 Repentance and Faith

Acts 20:22-24 The Christian Course

Acts 20:22-24 The Future

Acts 20:24 ‘None of these Things Move Me’

Acts 20:24 The Ministry

Acts 20:28 The Purchased Church

Acts 20:28 Our Unhappy Divisions

Acts 20:35 Receiving and Giving

Acts 20:35 Two Great Principles

Acts 21:6 We at Home and They Abroad

Acts 21:13 The Dawn of the Missionary Call

Acts 21:14 Divine Guidance

Acts 21:14 The Will of the Lord

Acts 21:30 In Jerusalem

Acts 22:1 St. Paul’s Defence

Acts 22:7 The Conversion of St. Paul

Acts 23:8 The Ministry of Angels

Acts 23:11 The Pastor’s Way of Peace

Acts 24:14 The God of our Fathers

Acts 24:15 Resurrection to Life and to Judgment.

Acts 24:25 Trembling at the Judgment

Acts 24:25 Resisting the Spirit

Acts 25:11 St. Paul’s Appeal to Cæsar

Acts 26:8 St. Paul and the Resurrection

Acts 26:14 The Voice from Heaven

Acts 26:19 The Heavenly Vision

Acts 26:22 Steadfastness

Acts 26:28 Almost Persuaded

Acts 26:28 Why not a Christian?

Acts 27:22 Good Cheer in the Storm

Acts 27:23 A Good Companion

Acts 28:3 The Viper

Acts 28:15 The Past and the Future

Acts 28:15 Courage

Acts 28:24 St. Paul in Rome

Acts 28:28 The Mission to the Gentiles


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Nisbet, James. "Commentary on Acts:4 Overview". Church Pulpit Commentary. 1876.

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