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George Milligan - Paul's Epistle to the Thessalonians

1 Thessalonians Overview



5:1–11. Teaching concerning the Suddenness of the Advent and the Need of Watchfulness.

The second difficulty or danger of the Thessalonians was closely connected with the first. So long as they had thought that only those who were actually alive at the time of Christ’s Parousia would share in His full blessedness, they had been doubly impatient of any postponement in His coming, lest they themselves might not survive to see that Day. And though the principal ground of their disquiet had now been removed (4:13–17), the prevailing restlessness and excitement were such (see Intr. p. 46 f.), that the Apostles were led to remind their converts of what they had already laid down so clearly in their oral teaching, that ‘the day of the Lord’ would come as a surprise (vv. 1–5), and consequently that continued watchfulness and self-restraint were necessary on the part of all who would be found ready for it (vv. 6–11).

5:12–22. Various Precepts with regard to Church Life and Holy Living.

12–15. From the general exhortation contained in the preceding section (4:1–5:11) the Apostles now turn to define more particularly the duties of their converts (1) to their leaders (vv. 12, 13) and (2) to the disorderly and faint-hearted in their number (vv. 14, 15)—the counsels in both instances being addressed to the community at large, as shown by the repeated ἀδελφοί (vv. 12, 14) without qualification.

5:23, 5:24. Prayer.

From these several injunctions the Apostles turn in characteristic fashion to the Divine power in which alone they can be fulfilled. Beng.: ‘non meo studio, inquit Paulus, sed divino praesidio muniti eritis.’


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