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SWELL, pret. swelled pp. swelled. Swollen is nearly obsolete..

1. To grow larger to dilate or extend the exterior surface or dimensions by matter added to the interior part, or by expansion of the inclosed substance. Thus the legs swell in dropsy a bruised part swells a tumor swells a bladder swells by inflation.
2. To increase in size or extent by any addition as, a river swells and overflows its banks.
3. To rise or be driven into waves or billows. In a tempest, the ocean swells into waves mountain high.
4. To be puffed up or bloated as, to swell with pride.
5. To be gloated with anger to be exasperated. He swells with rage.
6. To be inflated to belly as swelling sails.
7. To be turgid or bombastic as swelling words a swelling style.
8. To protuberate to bulge out as, a cask swells in the middle.
9. To be elated to rise into arrogance.

Your equal mind yet swells not into state.

10. To grow more violent as, a moderate passion may swell to fury.
11. To grow upon the view to become larger.

--And monarachs to be hold the swelling scene.

12. To become larger in amount. Many little debts added, swell to a great amount.
13. To become louder as, a sound gradually swells as it approaches.
14. To strut to look big.

--Swelling like a turkey cock.

15. To rise in altitude as, land swells into hills.

SWELL, To increase the size, bulk or dimensions of to cause to rise, dilate or increase. Rains and dissolving snow swell the rivers in spring, and cause floods. Jordan is swelled by the snows of mount Libanus.

1. To aggravate to highten.

It is low ebb with the accuser, when such peccadillos are put to swell the charge.

2. To raise to arrogance as, to be swelled with pride or haughtiness.
3. To enlarge. These sums swell the amount of taxes to a fearful size. These victories served to swell the fame of the commander.
4. In music, to augment, as the sound of a note.

SWELL, n. Extension of bulk.

1. Increase, as sound as the swell of a note.
2. A gradual ascent or elevation of land as an extensive plain abounding with little swells.
3. A wave or billow more generally, a succession of large waves as, a heavy swell sets into the harbor. Swell is also used to denote the waves or fluctuation of the sea after a storm, and the waves that roll in and break upon the shore.
4. In an organ, a certain number of pipes inclosed in a box, which being uncovered, produce a swell of sound.

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