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1: ἀμφιέννυμι
(Strong's #294 — Verb — amphiennumi — am-fee-en'-noo-mee )

"to put clothes round" (amphi, "around," hennumi, "to clothe"), "to invest," signifies, in the Middle Voice, to put clothing on oneself, e.g., Matthew 6:30 ; 11:8 ; Luke 7:25 ; 12:28 .

2: ἐνδύω
(Strong's #1746 — Verb — enduo — en-doo'-o )

(Eng., "endue"), signifies "to enter into, get into," as into clothes, "to put on," e.g., Mark 1:6 ; Luke 8:27 (in the best mss.); 24:49 (AV, "endued"); 2 Corinthians 5:3 ; Revelation 1:13 ; 19:14 . See ARRAY , ENDUE , PUT ON.

3: ἐνδιδύσκω
(Strong's #1737 — Verb — endidusko — en-did-oos'-ko )

has the same meaning as No. 2; the termination, ---sko suggests the beginning or progress of the action. The verb is used in the Middle Voice in Luke 16:19 (of a rich man). Some mss. have it in Luke 8:27 , for No. 2 (of a demoniac). In Mark 15:17 the best texts have this verb (some have No. 2). See WEAR.

4: ἐπενδύομαι
(Strong's #1902 — Verb — ependuo — ep-en-doo'-om-ahee )

a strengthened form of No. 2, used in the Middle Voice, "to cause to be put on over, to be clothed upon," is found in 2 Corinthians 5:2,4 , of the future spiritual body of the redeemed.

5: ἱματίζω
(Strong's #2439 — Verb — himatizo — him-at-id'-zo )

means "to put on raiment" (see himation, below), Mark 5:15 ; Luke 8:35 .

6: περιβάλλω
(Strong's #4016 — Verb — periballo — per-ee-bal'-lo )

"to cast around or about, to put on, array," or, in the Middle and Passive Voices, "to clothe oneself," e.g., Matthew 25:36,38,43 , is most frequent in the Apocalypse, where it is found some 12 times (see peribolaion, below). See CAST , No. 10, PUT, No. 9).

Note: The verb enkomboomai, "to grid oneself with a thing," in 1 Peter 5:5 , is rendered in the AV, "be clothed with."

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Vines, W. E., M. A. Entry for 'Clothe'. Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words. 1940.

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