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A — 1: κουστωδία
(Strong's #2892 — Noun Feminine — koustodia — koos-to-dee'-ah )

"a guard," (Latin, custodia; Eng., "custodian"), is used of the soldiers who "guarded" Christ's sepulchre, Matthew 27:65,66 ; 28:11 , and is translated "(ye have) a guard," "the guard (being with them)," and "(some of) the guard," RV, AV, "... a watch," "(setting a) watch," and "... the watch." This was the Temple guard, stationed under a Roman officer in the tower of Antonia, and having charge of the high priestly vestments. Hence the significance of Pilate's words "Ye have a guard." See WATCH.

A — 2: σπεκουλάτωρ
(Strong's #4688 — Noun Masculine — spekoulator — spek-oo-lat'-ore )

Latin, speculator, primarily denotes "a lookout officer," or "scout," but, under the emperors, "a member of the bodyguard;" these were employed as messengers, watchers and executioners; ten such officers were attached to each legion; such a guard was employed by Herod Antipas, Mark 6:27 , RV, "a soldier of his guard" (AV, "executioner").

A — 3: φύλαξ
(Strong's #5441 — Noun Masculine — phulax — foo'-lax )

"a guard, keeper" (akin to phulasso, "to guard, keep"), is translated "keepers" in Acts 5:23 ; in Acts 12:6,19 , RV, "guards" (AV, "keepers"). See KEEPER.

Notes: (1) In Acts 28:16 , some mss. have the sentence containing the word stratopedarches, "a captain of the guard." See CAPTAIN. (2) In Philippians 1:13 , the noun praitorion, the "praetorian guard," is so rendered in the RV (AV, "palace").

B — 1: φυλάσσω
(Strong's #5442 — Verb — phulasso — foo-las'-so )

"to guard, watch, keep" (akin to A, No. 3), is rendered by the verb "to guard" in the RV (AV, "to keep") of Luke 11:21 ; John 17:12 ; Acts 12:4 ; 28:16 ; 2 Thessalonians 3:3 ; 1 Timothy 6:20 ; 2 Timothy 1:12,14 ; 1 John 5:21 ; Jude 1:24 . In Luke 8:29 , "was kept under guard," RV (AV, "kept"). See BEWARE , KEEP , OBSERVE , PRESERVE , SAVE , WARE OF , WATCH.

B — 2: διαφυλάσσω
(Strong's #1314 — Verb — diaphulasso — dee-af-oo-las'-so )

a strengthened form of No. 1 (dia, "through," used intensively), "to guard carefully, defend," is found in Luke 4:10 (from the Sept. of Psalm 91:11 ), RV, "to guard" (AV, "to keep").

B — 3: φρουρέω
(Strong's #5432 — Verb — phroureo — froo-reh'-o )

a military term, "to keep by guarding, to keep under guard," as with a garrison (phrouros, "a guard, or garrison"), is used, (a) of blocking up every way of escape, as in a siege; (b) of providing protection against the enemy, as a garrison does; see 2 Corinthians 11:32 , "guarded." AV, "kept," i.e., kept the city, "with a garrison." It is used of the security of the Christian until the end, 1 Peter 1:5 , RV, "are guarded," and of the sense of that security that is his when he puts all his matters into the hand of God, Philippians 4:7 , RV, "shall guard," In these passages the idea is not merely that of protection, but of inward garrisoning as by the Holy Spirit; in Galatians 3:23 ("were kept in ward"), it means rather a benevolent custody and watchful guardianship in view of worldwide idolatry (cp. Isaiah 5:2 ). See KEEP.

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