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1: ψηλαφάω
(Strong's #5584 — Verb — pselaphao — psay-laf-ah'-o )

"to feel, touch, handle," is rendered by the latter verb in Luke 24:39 , in the Lord's invitation to the disciples to accept the evidence of His resurrection in His being bodily in their midst; in 1 John 1:1 , in the Apostle's testimony (against the gnostic error that Christ had been merely a phantom) that he and his fellow Apostles had handled Him. See FEEL.

2: θιγγάνω
(Strong's #2345 — Verb — thingano — thing-gan'-o )

signifies (a) "to touch, to handle" (though "to handle" is rather stronger than the actual significance compared with No 1). In Colossians 2:21 the RV renders it "touch," and the first verb (hapto, "to lay hold of") "handle," i.e., "handle not, nor taste, nor touch;" "touch" is the appropriate rendering; in Hebrews 12:20 it is said of a beast's touching Mount Sinai; (b) "to touch by way of injuring," Hebrews 11:28 . See TOUCH. In the Sept., Exodus 19:12 .

Note: The shortened form found in the passages mentioned is an aorist (or point) tense of the verb.

3: δολόω
(Strong's #1389 — Verb — doloo — dol-o'-o )

"to corrupt," is used in 2 Corinthians 4:2 , "handling (the Word of God) deceitfully," in the sense of using guile (dolos); the meaning approximates to that of adulterating (cp. kapeleuo, in 2 Corinthians 2:17 ).

4: ἀτιμάζω
(Strong's #818 — Verb — antimazo — at-im-ad'-zo )

"to dishonor, insult," is rendered "handled shamefully" in Mark 12:4 . Some mss. have the alternative verb antimao. See DESPISE , DISHONOR.

5: ὀρθοτομέω
(Strong's #3718 — Verb — orthotomeo — or-thot-om-eh'-o )

"to cut straight," as in road-making (orthos, "straight," temno, "to cut"), is used metaphorically in 2 Timothy 2:15 , of "handling aright (the word of truth)," RV (AV, "rightly dividing"). The stress is on orthos; the Word of God is to be "handled" strictly along the lines of its teaching. If the metaphor is taken from plowing, cutting a straight furrow, the word would express a careful cultivation, the Word of God viewed as ground designed to give the best results from its ministry and in the life. See DIVIDE. In the Sept., in Proverbs 3:6 ; 11:5 , the knowledge of God's wisdom and the just dealing of the upright are enjoined as producing a straight walk in the life.

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