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Genesis 4:10 (c) This is symbolical of the death of Abel by the hand of Cain, his brother. The actual blood shed by Abel and lying on the ground called loudly for the punishment of the murderer.

Exodus 12:13 (a) Here is a proof that those in the house had believed GOD's Word and had offered the proper sacrifice. The lamb and its blood are types of CHRIST and His Blood. (See1Co 5:7).

Leviticus 20:9 (a) Here is pictured the fact that GOD will fasten upon the guilty person his guilt and his punishment. The lawbreaker shall receive the due reward of his deeds. (See also Leviticus 20:13 and Leviticus 20:27; Ezekiel 18:13; Ezekiel 33:5).

Deuteronomy 17:8 (a) The words used here refer to relatives who are quarreling among themselves. Those of the same blood are brought before the judgment seat for the adjustment of their difficulties. (See2Ch 19:10).

Job 16:18 (a) Job is making a call for a great inventory of his own life. He is inviting an investigation of his own character. He is really asserting that he has lived a righteous life.

Psalm 58:10 (b) This is a description of the joy of GOD's people when the wicked are conquered and the enemy is under the feet of the Lord. (See also Psalm 68:23).

Isaiah 1:15 (a) Probably this is a figure which describes the guilt of these people in murdering their fellowmen and murdering their children for idol worship.

Ezekiel 16:6 (a) This probably refers to the early days of Israel's history in the time of Abraham followed by the times of Isaac and Jacob. The nation was formed with difficulty and trouble which is compared to the birth of a baby whereby blood is shed.

Joel 2:31 (c) It is not clearly understood whether the moon will actually become red, or whether men because of strained eyes see the moon as red, or whether the tumult of earth's sorrows changes man's vision. Evidently it refers to a time of great and miraculous happenings because of the powerful operation of the Spirit of GOD in human affairs. (See also Revelation 6:12; Revelation 8:8; Revelation 16:3).

Matthew 16:17 (a) This represents human reasonings, philosophies and deductions or conclusions. Nothing within the human heart or mind ever reveals anything of GOD or of the Deity of CHRIST.

John 1:13 (a) This is a definite statement that no one becomes a child of GOD because of his parents, or through any blood stream. Salvation or Christianity is not passed down to the children through the blood stream of the father or the mother. Each child and each relative must experience the will and the power of GOD in his own personal case in order to become a child of GOD. This relationship only comes about through personal faith in JESUS CHRIST.

John 6:54 (a) The blood in this case is a type or a picture of the life and death of CHRIST and the Person of CHRIST appropriated by the believer for salvation. It represents the receiving by faith of the sacrifice of CHRIST for forgiveness and cleansing. It is a figure of speech which we commonly use when one expresses his love for another by saying, "I could eat you up." Sometimes the expression is used, "I lapped it up as a cat laps milk." The thought is the same. The believer embraces by faith with no question or doubt the value of the person of CHRIST and the efficacy of His work for our souls. See also1Co 11:25-26.

Acts 17:26 (a) This blood is a type or a symbol of the universal character of human beings as distinguished from all animal life. All human beings are made of the same kind of blood. It is different from animal blood, but it is always human blood. This links all human beings together as a separate group from all the animal creation and proves the fallacy and the false character of the hypothesis of "evolution."

Acts 20:26 (a) The word in this case is used to represent the fact that Paul would not be held responsible for the death, the second death, of any of those whom he had contacted in his travels and preaching. The appearance of blood indicates death. Paul so preached CHRIST and the Gospel that none of those who heard His Word need never die in their sins and be sent to the Lake of Fire, which is the second death. Paul felt that he had completely cleared himself of all responsibility in connection with the salvation of those people.

1 John 1:7 (a) The blood here represents the sacrifice of CHRIST at Calvary with all the saving power connected with it. When we believe in and trust the Lord JESUS CHRIST, GOD and CHRIST apply His sacrifice to our record of sins, and to ourselves in order to blot out all these sins and iniquities. GOD has made a "blood bank." Any person who believes in and accepts the Lord JESUS CHRIST may and does receive the benefits of that precious blood.

Revelation 14:20 (c) This is a picture of the complete victory of the Lord JESUS over all His enemies and the vindication as well as the culmination of the wrath of GOD against all His opponents.

Revelation 17:6 (b) This blood represents the death of multitudes who have been slain by this wicked church under the guise of serving GOD. That evil monster, the apostate church, was and is responsible for the death of many thousands of true believers who were burned at the stake, tortured in cages, torn by the rack, and otherwise killed by extremely cruel means. This church reveled in this carnage, and still rejoices in every opportunity to injure and destroy true believers in the Lord JESUS CHRIST. (See also Revelation 18:24).

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