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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2252 embrace
'PQ 'P,aQ
2253 earth, dust, soil
'PRA 'aP,RaA
2254 earthy, dust
2255 obstinate
'SA 'SaA
2256 bandage
'SB 'SaB,
2257 resistance
2258 contumacy
2259 trample, squeeze
'SR 'SaR
2260 grieve, discourage
'Q 'aQ
2261 investigate, inquire, examine
2262 heel, ankle, footstep
'QBA 'eQB'aA
2263 turn aside, pervert
'QM 'QaM
2264 uproot
'QR 'QaR
2265 root, barren
'QRA 'eQaRaA
2266 scorpion
2267 sorrow, distress
'QTA 'aQT,aA
2268 awake, wake up, watch, arouse
'R 'R
2269 sieze
'RA 'RaA
2270 surity for, pledge, sift, set, go down
'RB 'ReB,
2271 surety, security, sponsor, sheep
'RBA 'aRaB,aA
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