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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1 KJV: Alpha    HCS: Alpha
A al'-fah
2 KJV: Aaron    NAS: Aaron, Aaron's    HCS: Aaron, Aaron's, of Aaron
Aarṓn ah-ar-ohn'
3 KJV: Abaddon    NAS: Abaddon    HCS: is Abaddon
Abaddṓn ab-ad-dohn'
4 KJV: not burdensome    NAS: from being a burden    HCS: from burdening
abarḗs ab-ar-ace'
5 KJV: Abba    NAS: Abba    HCS: i>Abba
Abbâ ab-bah'
6 KJV: Abel    NAS: Abel    HCS: the blood of Abel, Abel, of Abel
Ábel ab'-el
7 KJV: Abia    NAS: Abijah    HCS: Abijah, Abijah's
Abiá ab-ee-ah'
8 KJV: Abiathar    NAS: Abiathar    HCS: of Abiathar
Abiathár ab-ee-ath'-ar
9 KJV: Abilene    NAS: Abilene    HCS: of Abilene
Abilēnḗ ab-ee-lay-nay'
10 KJV: Abiud    NAS: Abihud    HCS: Abiud
Abioúd ab-ee-ood'
11 KJV: Abraham    NAS: Abraham, Abraham's    HCS: Abraham, to Abraham, of Abraham, Abraham's, had made to Abraham, and Abraham, it to Abraham, son of Abraham, for Abraham, that Abraham, of Abraham's
Abraám ab-rah-am'
12 KJV: deep, bottomless, bottomless pit    NAS: bottomless, abyss    HCS: abyss
ábyssos ab'-us-sos
13 KJV: Agabus    NAS: Agabus    HCS: Agabus
Ágabos ag'-ab-os
14 KJV: do good    NAS: do good    HCS: since He did what is good, Instruct them to do what is good
agathoergéō ag-ath-er-gheh'-o
15 KJV: do well, well doing, do good    NAS: do right, doing what is right, do good, does good, doing right, do what is right    HCS: for doing good, do what is good, to do what is good, when you do what is good, you do what is good, by doing good, who are good, one who does good
agathopoiéō ag-ath-op-oy-eh'-o
16 KJV: well doing    NAS: doing what is right, doing what    HCS: doing what is good
agathopoiḯa ag-ath-op-oy-ee'-ah
17 KJV: do well    HCS: those who do what is good
agathopoiós ag-ath-op-oy-os'
18 KJV: well, good, good thing, the thing which is good + (3588), benefit, that which is good + (3588)    NAS: good things, goodness, goods, good man, kindness, kind, good, generous, good thing, kindly    HCS: A good, of good, a good, *, is good, good, kind, that is good, what is good, with good, Good, of a good, his good, goods, generous, right, to good, the good, an honest
agathós ag-ath-os'
19 KJV: goodness    NAS: goodness    HCS: goodness, for goodness, of goodness
agathōsýnē ag-ath-o-soo'-nay
20 KJV: gladness, exceeding joy, joy    NAS: great joy, gladness, joy    HCS: joy, of joy, great joy, a joyful, delight
agallíasis ag-al-lee'-as-is
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