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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

896 KJV: Baal    NAS: Baal    HCS: to Baal
Báal bah'-al
897 KJV: Babylon    NAS: Babylon    HCS: BABYLON, Babylon, to Babylon
Babylṓn bab-oo-lone'
898 KJV: degree    NAS: standing    HCS: standing
bathmós bath-mos'
899 KJV: deep, deep thing, deep + (2596), deepness, depth    NAS: deep, deep water, depth, depths    HCS: deep, the depth, depth, depths
báthos bath'-os
900 KJV: dig deep + (4626)    NAS: deep    HCS: deep
bathýnō bath-oo'-no
901 KJV: deep, very early in the morning + (3722)    NAS: deep, deep things    HCS: deep, a deep, *
bathýs bath-oos'
902 KJV: branch    NAS: branches    HCS: branches
baḯon bah-ee'-on
903 KJV: Balaam    NAS: Balaam    HCS: of Balaam
Balaám bal-ah-am'
904 KJV: Balac    NAS: Balak    HCS: Balak
Balák bal-ak'
905 KJV: bag, purse    NAS: money belt, money belts    HCS: money-bags, money-bag, a money-bag
balántion bal-an'-tee-on
906 KJV: cast out, cast, lay, thrust, misc, put, lie    NAS: tossing, putting, lying, lying sick, cast, place, put, threw, contributors, bring, throw, laid, rushed, puts, thrown, casts, casting, swung, poured    HCS: fertilize, put, threw, have deposited, dropped, is thrown, has been thrown out, scatters, They will throw, is lying, was left, throwing, you will be thrown, he had been thrown, I will throw, casting, to put, Cast, and threw, to throw, lying, who had been thrown, people were putting, and dropped in, they cast, drives, been thrown, hurled, toss, throw, and cast, and be thrown, he were thrown, of them were thrown, was hurled, drops, they put, were thrown, Sheathe, dropping, by casting, when we put, he is thrown, They were casting, they throw, he threw, to be thrown, After putting, he put, will be thrown down, to place, puts, thrown, would steal part of what was put, has put in, gave, were hurled, people have put, swung, they threw, cast, By pouring, He poured, spewed, He was thrown, plunged, and sowed, He threw, rushed down, to bring, and ever, cast, had spewed, was thrown out, was thrown, one puts, it has thrown, giving, They threw
bállō bal'-lo
907 KJV: wash, baptist, baptize, baptized + (2258)    NAS: baptize, baptizing, undergo, ceremonially washed, Baptist, baptizes, baptized    HCS: One who baptizes, baptize, who are being baptized, to be baptized, was baptizing, was baptized, will be baptized, many of you as have been baptized, had been baptizing, to baptize, are people baptized, they were baptized, because they had been baptized, you will be baptized, I baptized, will baptize, baptizing, and be baptized, after he was baptized, you were baptized, do you baptize, were you baptized, being baptized, and was baptized, baptism were you baptized, they were baptized, Baptist's, been baptized, He will baptize, am baptized, they have washed, baptized, were baptized, be baptized, is baptized, he baptized, is baptizing, of us who were baptized, Baptist, have baptized, perform the ritual washing
baptízō bap-tid'-zo
908 KJV: baptism    NAS: baptism    HCS: with a baptism, baptism, a baptism, Baptism
báptisma bap'-tis-mah
909 KJV: washing, baptism    NAS: washing, washings    HCS: baptism, about ritual washings, washings, like the washing
baptismós bap-tis-mos'
910 KJV: Baptist    NAS: Baptist    HCS: Baptist's, Baptist
Baptistḗs bap-tis-tace'
911 KJV: dip    NAS: dipped, dip    HCS: have dipped, stained, When He had dipped, dip
báptō bap'-to
912 KJV: Barabbas    NAS: Barabbas    HCS: mdash; Barabbas, for Barabbas, Barabbas
Barabbâs bar-ab-bas'
913 KJV: Barak    NAS: Barak    HCS: Barak
Barák bar-ak'
914 KJV: Barachias    NAS: Berechiah    HCS: of Berechiah
Barachías bar-akh-ee'-as
915 KJV: barbarous, barbarian    NAS: barbarian, natives, barbarians    HCS: will be a foreigner, barbarian, barbarians, a foreigner, local people
bárbaros bar'-bar-os
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