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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1044 KJV: canker    NAS: gangrene    HCS: gangrene
gángraina gang'-grahee-nah
1047 KJV: treasure    NAS: treasure    HCS: treasury
gáza gad'-zah
1049 KJV: treasury    NAS: treasury    HCS: temple treasury, treasury
gazophylákion gad-zof-oo-lak'-ee-on
1051 KJV: milk    NAS: milk    HCS: milk
gála gal'-ah
1055 KJV: calm    NAS: calm    HCS: calm, a calm
galḗnē gal-ay'-nay
1060 KJV: marry, marry a wife, married, 2    NAS: marries, marriage, marry, get married, marrying, married    HCS: marries, you do get married, I just got married, they can get married, they should marry, marry, women to marry, he had married, who marries, marriage, and marries, got married, married, marrying, to be married, a married, to marry
gaméō gam-eh'-o
1061 KJV: give in marriage    NAS: given in marriage    HCS: giving in marriage, marry, who marries, are given in marriage, and giving in marriage
gamískō gam-is'-ko
1062 KJV: wedding, marriage    NAS: wedding, marriage, wedding feast    HCS: Marriage, a wedding banquet, marriage, wedding, for a wedding, wedding banquet, a wedding, banquet
gámos gam'-os
1063 KJV: not tr, for, misc    NAS: yes, what, although, since, actually, well, after, indeed, then, after all, why, because, though    HCS:
gár gar
1064 KJV: belly, be with child + (1722 + (2192), with child + (1722 + (2192), womb    NAS: child, pregnant, gluttons, womb    HCS: *, gluttons, a pregnant
gastḗr gas-tare'
1065 KJV: not tr, doubtless, yet, at least, beside    NAS: so, yet, well, least, indeed, though    HCS: even, yet, *, indeed, in fact, at least
1067 KJV: hell fire + (3588 + (4442), hell    NAS: hell    HCS: for hell, to hell, hell, hellfire
géenna gheh'-en-nah
1069 KJV: neighbour    NAS: neighbors    HCS: neighbors
geítōn ghi'-tone
1070 KJV: laugh    NAS: laugh    HCS: laughing, you will laugh
geláō ghel-ah'-o
1071 KJV: laughter    NAS: laughter    HCS: laughter
gélōs ghel'-oce
1072 KJV: fill ... fill, fill, be full    NAS: filling, fill, filled    HCS: was filled, Fill, may be filled, being swamped, filled, they filled
gemízō ghem-id'-zo
1073 KJV: be full, full    NAS: full    HCS: are full, is full, that was covered, they are full, covered, they were covered, filled
gémō ghem'-o
1074 KJV: nation, generation, time, age    NAS: kind, generations, generation    HCS: generations, is from generation, generation, people, times
geneá ghen-eh-ah'
1075 KJV: count (one's) descent    NAS: genealogy is...traced    HCS: lineage
genealogéō ghen-eh-al-og-eh'-o
1076 KJV: genealogy    NAS: genealogies    HCS: genealogies
genealogía ghen-eh-al-og-ee'-ah
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