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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1042 KJV: Gabbatha    NAS: Gabbatha    HCS: Gabbatha
gabbathá gab-bath-ah'
1043 KJV: Gabriel    NAS: Gabriel    HCS: Gabriel
Gabriḗl gab-ree-ale'
1045 KJV: Gad    NAS: Gad    HCS: of Gad
Gád gad
1046 KJV: Gadarenes    NAS: Gadarenes    HCS: Gadarenes
Gadarēnós gad-ar-ay-nos'
1048 KJV: Gaza    NAS: Gaza    HCS: Gaza
Gáza gad'-zah
1050 KJV: Gaius (a Christian), Gaius (of Derbe), Gaius (of Macedonia), Gaius (of Corinth)    NAS: Gaius    HCS: Gaius
Gáïos gah'-ee-os
1052 KJV: Galatians    NAS: Galatians    HCS: Galatians
Galátēs gal-at'-ace
1053 KJV: Galatia    NAS: Galatia    HCS: Galatian, of Galatia, Galatia
Galatía gal-at-ee'-ah
1054 KJV: of Galatia    NAS: Galatian    HCS: Galatian, Galatia
Galatikós gal-at-ee-kos'
1056 KJV: Galilee    NAS: Galilee    HCS: Galilee, of Galilee, men of Galilee, in Galilee
Galilaía gal-il-ah-yah
1057 KJV: of Galilee, Galilaean    NAS: Galilean, Galilee, Galileans    HCS: Galilean, Galileans, a Galilean, of Galilee
Galilaîos gal-ee-lah'-yos
1058 KJV: Gallio    NAS: Gallio    HCS: While Gallio, Gallio
Gallíōn gal-lee'-own
1059 KJV: Gamaliel    NAS: Gamaliel    HCS: Gamaliel, of Gamaliel
Gamaliḗl gam-al-ee-ale'
1066 KJV: Gedeon    NAS: Gideon    HCS: Gideon
Gedeṓn ghed-eh-own'
1068 KJV: Gethsemane    NAS: Gethsemane    HCS: Gethsemane
Gethsēmanē gheth-say-man-ay'
1082 KJV: Gennesaret    NAS: Gennesaret    HCS: Gennesaret
Gennēsarét ghen-nay-sar-et'
1086 KJV: Gergesenes    NAS: Gerasenes    HCS: Gerasenes, Gerasene
Gergesēnós gher-ghes-ay-nos'
1115 KJV: Golgotha    NAS: Golgotha    HCS: i>Golgotha
Golgothâ gol-goth-ah'
1116 KJV: Gomorrha    NAS: Gomorrah    HCS: Gomorrah
Gómorrha gom'-or-hrhah
1136 KJV: Gog    NAS: Gog    HCS: Gog
Gṓg gogue
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