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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1436 KJV: alone    NAS: let...alone
éa eh'-ah
1437 KJV: misc, whatsoever + (3739), whosoever + (3769), if, though    NAS: whoever, when, wherever, whenever, whatever, case, unless, if, or, whomever, whether, except, everyone, though    HCS: *, what if, whatever, if, mdash; unless, or, Unless, mdash; if, If, except, thing unless, when, Though, once, that if, what, provided, unless, you if, and if, even if, things if, whether, but
eán eh-an'
1438 KJV: ourselves, yourselves, their, themselves, himself, misc, his, itself    NAS: ourselves, none, aside, conscious, herself, himself, own, one another, own...himself, own persons, each other, own estimation, yourselves, oneself, own initiative, venture, within, themselves, senses, mind, itself    HCS: ourselves, you, from our, than itself, others, mdash; himself, that you yourselves, him, himself, for himself, each other, them, with his own, against yourselves, at himself, have bound themselves, that He Himself, to Himself, We have bound ourselves, to their, oil for yourselves, builds himself, and bound themselves, gathers, our own, on himself, and gave themselves, with him, herself, on themselves, he himself, as you build yourselves, it, to themselves, to His, took his, Him, of his, with their, than yourselves, Himself, yourself, her own, your own, among themselves, His own, to himself, Be on your, one another, do you yourselves, in His, to one another, oneself, for yourselves, their, obligated themselves, they, only for his own, only themselves, *, their own persons, his, for themselves, their own, yourselves, that he, on your, for Himself, be on your, themselves, his own, about itself, kept herself, itself
heautoû heh-ow-too'
1439 KJV: commit, suffer, let, let alone, leave    NAS: left, let, leaving, permit, stop, allowed, allow, permitted    HCS: allowed, allowing, let, No more, they left, allow
eáō eh-ah'-o
1440 KJV: three score and ten, three score and fifteen + (4002), seventy    NAS: seventy-five, seventy-six, seventy    HCS: 70, 75, Seventy, *
hebdomḗkonta heb-dom-ay'-kon-tah
1441 KJV: seventy times    NAS: seventy times    HCS: times
hebdomēkontákis heb-dom-ay-kon-tak-is'
1442 KJV: seventh    NAS: seventh    HCS: seventh, at seven, in the seventh
hébdomos heb'-dom-os
1443 KJV: Heber    NAS: Heber    HCS: son of Eber
Ebér eb-er'
1444 KJV: Hebrew
Hebraïkós heb-rah-ee-kos'
1445 KJV: Hebrew    NAS: Hebrews, Hebrew of Hebrews    HCS: Hebraic Jews, a Hebrew, Hebrews, they Hebrews
Hebraîos heb-rah'-yos
1446 KJV: Hebrew    NAS: Hebrew    HCS: in the Hebrew, Hebrew
Hebraḯs heb-rah-is'
1447 KJV: in the Hebrew, in Hebrew, in the Hebrew tongue    NAS: Hebrew    HCS: in Hebrew
Hebraïstí heb-rah-is-tee'
1448 KJV: come nigh, come near, draw nigh, be at hand, draw near, misc    NAS: come near, approaching, draw near, approached, came close, near, coming near, came near, comes near, came, hand, drawing near    HCS: gets near, He neared, drew near, Draw near, was drawing near, He came near, came up, he came close, were approaching, has come near, comes near, came near, He approached, we draw near, things is near, They came near, he drew near, they approached, is near, he came near, near, nearing, drawing near, and was nearing, He will draw near
engízō eng-id'-zo
1449 KJV: write    NAS: written, recorded    HCS: written, are written
engráphō eng-graf'-o
1450 KJV: surety    NAS: guarantee    HCS: the guarantee
éngyos eng'-goo-os
1451 KJV: nigh at hand, at hand, near, nigh unto, from, nigh, ready    NAS: nearby, nearer, close, near, ready    HCS: nearby, about to, is near, near, is about to, who were near
engýs eng-goos'
1452 KJV: nearer    NAS: get    HCS: is nearer
engýteron eng-goo'-ter-on
1453 KJV: rise, raise again, rise up, rise again, raise, raise up, arise, misc    NAS: rose again, rise, awoke, woke, rise again, awaken, rose, risen, raises, arises, got, get, cause, stand, raised, raise, gets, awake, arisen, lift, arise    HCS: be raised, will rise up, So He got up, by raising, had been raised, to raise, He has been raised, He had raised, He was raised, has risen, He will be raised up, He has been resurrected, to cause, after He had been resurrected, lift it out, I will rise, One who raised, raises, Go, Get up, will raise, raised, as risen, are raised, was raised, had raised, who was raised, have been resurrected, he got up, gets up, she got up, He raised up, rises, He will be resurrected, He raised, arises, He got up, to health, get up, after He was raised, raise, raise up, being raised, has been raised, will arise, having been raised, Stand, raised up, up, she got up, were raised, He has raised up, to wake up, who raises, he will get up, who raised, is raised, got up, to raise up, will be raised up, been raised, has appeared, will be raised
egeírō eg-i'-ro
1454 KJV: resurrection    NAS: resurrection    HCS: resurrection
égersis eg'-er-sis
1455 KJV: spy    NAS: spies    HCS: spies
enkáthetos eng-kath'-et-os
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