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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2194 KJV: Zabulon    NAS: Zebulun    HCS: of Zebulun
Zaboulṓn dzab-oo-lone'
2195 KJV: Zacchaeus    NAS: Zaccheus    HCS: Zacchaeus
Zakchaîos dzak-chah'ee-os
2196 KJV: Zara    NAS: Zerah    HCS: Zerah
Zará dzar-ah'
2197 KJV: Zacharias    NAS: Zechariah, Zacharias    HCS:
Zacharías dzakh-ar-ee'-as
2198 KJV: lively, not tr, live, misc, quick, alive, be alive    NAS: get their living, lived, holding, lives, living, live, alive, life    HCS: is living, we live, who are still alive, came to life, lived, was alive, who lives, I live, are living, we live, it is living, should earn their living, who live, I live on, of living, long as he lives, him to live, they might live, come to life, things will live, while he lives, we will live, living, I lived, he will live, Living, He was alive, and to live, as a living, will live, you will live, I might live, *, to be alive, One who lives, we might live, you live, in foolish living, of the living, home alive, a living, you were living, alive, is alive, having lived, he lives, to live, those who are alive, lives, she will live, even while she lives, live, do you live, the living, They came to life, being alive, He lives
záō dzah'-o
2199 KJV: Zebedee    NAS: Zebedee    HCS: of Zebedee, son of Zebedee, Zebedee, of Zebedee's, Zebedee's
Zebedaîos dzeb-ed-ah'-yos
2200 KJV: hot    NAS: hot    HCS: hot
zestós dzes-tos'
2201 KJV: yoke, pair    NAS: yoke, pair    HCS: yoke, a pair of
zeûgos dzyoo'-gos
2202 KJV: band    NAS: ropes    HCS: ropes
zeuktēría dzyook-tay-ree'-ah
2203 KJV: Jupiter    NAS: Zeus    HCS: of Zeus, Zeus
Zeús dzyooce
2204 KJV: fervent, be fervent    NAS: being fervent, fervent    HCS: being fervent, be fervent
zéō dzeh'-o
2205 KJV: fervent mind, envying, envy, jealousy, indignation, emulation, zeal    NAS: jealousy, fury, zeal    HCS: jealousy, Zeal, envy, with jealousy, zeal, there is envy, what zeal
zēlos dzay'-los
2206 KJV: covet earnestly, zealously affect, affect, envy, covet, desire, misc, be zealous, more with envy    NAS: eagerly seek, eagerly sought, desire earnestly, envious, am jealous, becoming jealous, jealous, earnestly desire, seek    HCS: be committed, became jealous, envy, covet, desire, you will be enthusiastic, be eager, I am jealous, are enthusiastic, to be enthusiastic
zēlóō dzay-lo'-o
2207 KJV: zealous    NAS: zealous    HCS: eager, zealous, deeply committed
zēlōtḗs dzay-lo-tace'
2208 KJV: Zelotes    NAS: Zealot    HCS: Zealot
Zēlōtḗs dzay-lo-tace'
2209 KJV: damage, loss    NAS: loss    HCS: loss, to be a loss, a loss
zēmía dzay-mee'-ah
2210 KJV: be cast away, suffer loss, receive damage, lose    NAS: forfeit, forfeits, suffered the loss of, suffer loss    HCS: it will be lost, loss, loses, forfeits, I have suffered the loss, lose
zēmióō dzay-mee-o'-o
2211 KJV: Zenas    NAS: Zenas    HCS: help Zenas
Zēnâs dzay-nas'
2212 KJV: desire, seek for, misc, go about, seek    NAS: search, searched, striving, tried, seeks, made efforts, kept trying to obtain, demanding, sought, trying, deliberating, looking, seek after, seeking, inquire, seek    HCS: He must seek, re looking for, Keep searching, they searched for, you will look for, tries, You are looking for, were you searching for, they want, keep striving for, looking for, seeking, One who seeks, is it you are looking for, he started looking for, wanting, it is expected, are you looking for, in search of, who seeks, one who searches, will try, made efforts, you seek, demanding, attempted, demand, were looking for, asking for, were trying, made every effort, began trying, He did this so they might seek, started looking for, It demands, search, As they were trying, wants, and search for, tried, searching for, Although they were looking for, they were looking for, they were trying, he wanted, you are looking for, searched for, who sought, was trying, You will look for, do You want, do you want, They tried, one should seek, and tried, they are trying to take, He was trying, seeks, were demanding, search for, They were looking for, selfish, looked for, they tried, to seek, am I striving, while seeking, ask for, Are you asking, will seek, will be required, you are trying, seek
zētéō dzay-teh'-o
2213 KJV: question    NAS: issue, questions, points of disagreement    HCS: controversies, disagreements, questions, controversy, disputed matters
zḗtēma dzay'-tay-mah
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