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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2280 KJV: Thaddaeus    NAS: Thaddaeus    HCS: Thaddaeus
Thaddaîos thad-dah'-yos
2281 KJV: sea    NAS: seashore, sea    HCS: along the sea, a sea, sea, *, Sea, of the sea, by sea, the sea
thálassa thal'-as-sah
2282 KJV: cherish    NAS: tenderly cares, cherishes    HCS: nurtures, cares for
thálpō thal'-po
2283 KJV: Thamar    NAS: Tamar    HCS: Tamar
Thámar tham'-ar
2284 KJV: be amazed, be astonished    NAS: amazed    HCS: were astonished, amazed, They were astonished
thambéō tham-beh'-o
2285 KJV: be astonished + (4023), wonder, be amazed + (1096)    NAS: wonder, amazement    HCS: were amazed, with awe, Amazement
thámbos tham'-bos
2286 KJV: deadly    NAS: deadly    HCS: deadly
thanásimos than-as'-ee-mos
2287 KJV: deadly    NAS: deadly    HCS: of deadly
thanatḗphoros than-at-ay'-for-os
2288 KJV: deadly, death    NAS: fatal, danger of death, death, pestilence    HCS: for death, is death, the death, a death, dying, *, in death, Death, near death, things is death, to death, plague, death, must be put to death, bring death, committed a capital, of death, by death, to die, experience death, even death, for the death, died, that brings death, fatal, the plague, the point of death, the death
thánatos than'-at-os
2289 KJV: become dead, mortify, kill, cause to be put to death, put to death    NAS: putting to death, be put to death, made to die, death    HCS: were put to death, to death, after being put to death, put to death, we are being put to death, They will kill, killed, you put to death
thanatóō than-at-o'-o
2290 KJV: bury    NAS: buried, bury    HCS: buried, and buried, was buried, He was buried, bury, who have buried
tháptō thap'-to
2291 KJV: Thara    NAS: Terah    HCS: son of Terah
Thára thar'-ah
2292 KJV: be confident, confident, boldly, be bold, have confidence    NAS: bold, good courage, confidently, have confidence    HCS: we are confident, need to be bold, bold, confident, confidence, may boldly
tharrhéō thar-hreh'-o
2293 KJV: be of good comfort, be of good cheer    NAS: take courage    HCS: Be courageous, Have courage
tharséō thar-seh'-o
2294 KJV: courage    NAS: courage    HCS: courage
thársos thar'-sos
2295 KJV: admiration    NAS: wonder, greatly    HCS: *, wonder
thaûma thou'-mah
2297 KJV: wonderful    NAS: wonderful things    HCS: wonders
thaumásios thow-mas'-ee-os
2298 KJV: marvellous, marvel, marvellous thing    NAS: marvelous, amazing thing    HCS: awe-inspiring, wonderful, amazing, marvelous
thaumastós thow-mas-tos'
2299 KJV: goddess    NAS: goddess    HCS: goddess
theá theh-ah'
2300 KJV: look upon, behold, look, see    NAS: seeing, looked, noticed, watched, look over, see, look, seen, saw    HCS: to view, observed, noticed, I watched, look, saw, seen, be seen, who saw, that you have seen, be observed, We observed, to see, have seen, we have observed, had been seen
theáomai theh-ah'-om-ahee
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