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Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2504 KJV: I also, me also, and I, misc, even I, I, so I    HCS: and I, as well, I also, I also, And when I, also, then I, if I, As for Me, I have also, to me, me, I too, When I, And I, Me, I do too, that I also, I will also, I, to Me, am I also, too, So am I
kagṓ kag-o', kam-oy', kam-eh'
2505 KJV: as    HCS: as
kathá kath-ah'
2506 KJV: destruction, pulling down    NAS: destroying, destruction, tearing down    HCS: the demolition, tearing down, down
kathaíresis kath-ah'ee-res-is
2507 KJV: pull down, put down, cast down, destroy, take down    NAS: destroying, tear down, take...down, took...down, dethroned, brought down, destroyed    HCS: ll tear down, He has toppled, down, they took Him down, Taking it down, We demolish, come to the verge of ruin, after destroying
kathairéō kath-ahee-reh'-o
2508 KJV: purge    NAS: prunes    HCS: He prunes
kathaírō kath-ah'ee-ro
2509 KJV: as well as, as, even as    NAS: like, even, just    HCS: just as, like, Likewise, As, as
katháper kath-ap'-er
2510 KJV: fasten on    NAS: fastened    HCS: and fastened
katháptō kath-ap'-to
2511 KJV: cleanse, purify, make clean, be clean, purge    NAS: cleanses, make...clean, clean, cleanse, purify, cleansed, declared...clean, cleansing    HCS: cleanses, You clean, Be made clean, they were healed, be made clean, purified, he was healed, cleansed, let us cleanse, are healed, Cleanse, was healed, clean, cleanse, to cleanse, cleansing, to be purified, is purified, has made clean
katharízō kath-ar-id'-zo
2512 KJV: purifying, purification, purge + (4060), cleansing, be purged    NAS: purification, cleansing    HCS: purification, cleansing
katharismós kath-ar-is-mos'
2513 KJV: pure, clear, clean    NAS: pure, clear, clean, innocent    HCS: a pure, clear, is clean, am innocent, in pure, Pure, a clear, innocent, pure, is pure, in clean, was pure, clean, and pure
katharós kath-ar-os'
2514 KJV: purifying    NAS: cleansing    HCS: purification
katharótēs kath-ar-ot'-ace
2515 KJV: seat    NAS: chair, seats    HCS: chairs, chair
kathédra kath-ed'-rah
2516 KJV: sit    NAS: stayed, sit, sitting    HCS: sat down, who were sitting, remained seated, I used to sit, sitting, was sitting
kathézomai kath-ed'-zom-ahee
2517 KJV: after, by order, afterward, in order    NAS: successively, consecutive order, successors onward, orderly sequence, afterwards    HCS: *, one place after another, after, in an orderly sequence
kathexēs kath-ex-ace'
2518 KJV: sleep    NAS: sleeper, do their sleeping, sleep do, sleeping, goes to bed, asleep, sleep    HCS: sleeper, are you sleeping, he sleeps, was sleeping, who sleep, were sleeping, fell asleep, sleeping, asleep, sleep
katheúdō kath-yoo'-do
2519 KJV: master    NAS: leader, leaders    HCS: Master, masters
kathēgētḗs kath-ayg-ay-tace'
2520 KJV: fit, convenient    NAS: allowed, proper
kathḗkō kath-ay'-ko
2521 KJV: sit by, sit, dwell, sit down, be set down    NAS: sitting down, sat down, dwell, sit down, sit, sits, live, sitting, sat, seated    HCS: they sat down, rider, staying, riders, are sitting, One seated, sitting, who live, and was sitting, and sat down, sit, who were seated, living, you will sit, horseman, were sitting, one who used to sit, seated, Sit, sat down, who were sitting, person sitting, men sitting, is seated, One was seated, One who was seated, I sit, was sitting, who sat, horsemen, was seated, who is seated, inhabitants, sat, and sat, man was sitting, who sits
káthēmai kath'-ay-mahee
2522 KJV: daily    NAS: daily    HCS: daily
kathēmerinós kath-ay-mer-ee-nos'
2523 KJV: sit, be set, tarry, sit down, continue, be set down, set    NAS: sitting down, sat down, appoint, sit down, seat,, rested, settled, stay, sit,, sat,, seated, seated themselves    HCS: may sit, he sits, to judge, Then He sat down, has sat down, sit down, and sat down, sit, the right to sit, He will sit, seated, Sit, sat down, Sitting, *, rested, to seat, sits, seating, to sit, and sit, are seated, He sat down, He sat, stay, We sat down, he stayed, sat, people seated, day I sat, Sitting down
kathízō kath-id'-zo
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