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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2036 KJV: bid, speak, tell, misc, say, command    HCS:
épō ep'-o
2046 KJV: speak of, speak, tell, say, call    HCS: speak, will say, have said, should we say, will tell, speaks, what is stated, He had told, I have told, what was spoken, He said, you will quote, He says, He will say, What you have said, ll tell, He will say, are we to say, what had been spoken, tell, you should say, one will say, They will say, was speaking, he will say, it? ' say, you will tell, I said, I have called, I will say, can we say, I told, He will answer, You will say, you have said, I will be telling, Tell, He has spoken, say, says, time they said, Himself has said, said, they will say, can you say, ll say, you will say, He has said, that what is said, It is said, had spoken, I will tell, has told
eréō er-eh'-o
2975 KJV: cast lots, be (one's) lot, obtain    NAS: chosen by lot, cast lots, received    HCS: was allotted, it happened that he was chosen by lot, who have obtained, cast lots
lanchánō lang-khan'-o
2976 KJV: Lazarus, Lazarus (the poor man)    NAS: Lazarus    HCS: with Lazarus, Lazarus
Lázaros lad'-zar-os
2977 KJV: privily, secretly    NAS: secretly    HCS: secretly, in private
láthra lath'-rah
2978 KJV: storm, tempest    NAS: storm, fierce gale, gale    HCS: a fierce windstorm, windstorm, a whirlwind
laîlaps lah'ee-laps
2979 KJV: kick    NAS: kick    HCS: to kick
laktízō lak-tid'-zo
2981 KJV: saying, speech    NAS:, said, what...saying    HCS: what I say, accent, said
laliá lal-ee-ah'
2982 KJV: lama    NAS: lama    HCS: lemá
lamá lam-ah', lam-mah'
2983 KJV: receive, not tr, have, misc, take, catch    NAS: taking, take, took, taken, collect, gripped, struck, caught, receives, married, collected, receive, occupy, seizes, accepting, partial, overtaken, incur, marry, takes, bring, caught caught, attempted, received, accept, conferred, receiving, conspired, gets, picked, obtained, experienced, forgotten, consulted, shows    HCS: one who receives, taking, to receive, Taking, take, took, you have received, to get, what you have received, We have received, taken, and took, who receive, t bring, He will take, intervened to take, they receive, They have received, they received, you will receive, I have received, who receives, After receiving, might receive, who receives, can receive, to collect, if it is received, seizes, to take, was astounded, long and caught, man who had received, it receives, had taken, agreed on, Himself took, have, takes, I took, received, may receive, show partiality, who take up, They took, it will bring, you did receive, who did receive, have received, since I had received, we may receive, we have received, reached, accepted, Did you receive, Receive, they will receive, seizing, has overtaken, put on, one takes, one who has accepted, who collected, may be, He takes, I received, got, in, collect, accepts, While accepting, You have taken, that He took, we will receive, will receive, they seized, had received, after taking, who accepted, came over, receives, you receive, he will receive, Take, one has received, receive, he took, and He took, by assuming, You have received, take away, you collected, accepting, having received, they took, *, take up, they would get, up, ones took, should take, You received, we accept, accept, we could receive, When they received, receiving, to give, you will accept, has received, he received, Receiving, you received, after receiving, when He received, by taking, the Samaritans might receive, captures, He took
lambánō lam-ban'-o
2984 KJV: Lamech    NAS: Lamech    HCS: son of Lamech
Lámech lam'-ekh
2985 KJV: lamp, light, torch    NAS: torches, lamps, torch    HCS: a torch, torches, lamps
lampás lam-pas'
2986 KJV: bright, white, gorgeous, goodly, gay, clear    NAS: gorgeous, clear, fine, bright, splendid, shining    HCS: Bright, fine, glamorous, Him in a brilliant, bright, a dazzling, and dressed in fine, sparkling
lamprós lam-pros'
2987 KJV: brightness    NAS: brighter    HCS: brighter
lamprótēs lam-prot'-ace
2988 KJV: sumptuously    NAS: splendor    HCS: lavishly
lamprōs lam-proce'
2990 KJV: unawares, be hid, be ignorant of    NAS: escaped notice, escape notice, escapes...notice, escape...notice, without knowing    HCS: ignore, notice, without knowing, escape notice, thing escape, *
lanthánō lan-than'-o
2991 KJV: hewn in stone    NAS: cut into the rock    HCS: cut into the rock
laxeutós lax-yoo-tos'
2992 KJV: people    NAS: people, peoples    HCS: people's, a people, people, peoples, to our people, a following, Jewish people, My People, the people, *, of people, the peoples
laós lah-os'
2993 KJV: Laodicea    NAS: Laodicea    HCS: Laodicea
Laodíkeia Lah-od-ik'-i-ah
2994 KJV: Laodiceans    NAS: Laodiceans    HCS: Laodiceans
Laodikeús lah-od-ik-yooce'
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