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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3092 KJV: Maath    NAS: Maath    HCS: son of Maath
Maáth mah-ath'
3093 KJV: Magdala    NAS: Magadan    HCS: of Magadan
Magdalá mag-dal-ah'
3094 KJV: Magdalene    NAS: Magdalene    HCS: Magdalene
Magdalēnḗ mag-dal-ay-nay'
3095 KJV: sorcery    NAS: magic arts    HCS: sorceries
mageía mag-i'-ah
3096 KJV: use sorcery    NAS: practicing magic    HCS: practiced sorcery
mageúō mag-yoo'-o
3097 KJV: wise man, sorcerer    NAS: magi, magician    HCS: sorcerer, wise men, a sorcerer
mágos mag'-os
3098 KJV: Magog    NAS: Magog    HCS: Magog
Magṓg mag-ogue'
3099 KJV: Madian    NAS: Midian    HCS: of Midian
Madián mad-ee-an'
3100 KJV: be disciple, instruct, teach    NAS: make disciples, become a disciple, made...disciples    HCS: become a disciple, and make disciples, disciples, instructed
mathēteúō math-ayt-yoo'-o
3101 KJV: disciple    NAS: pupil, disciple, disciples, disciples'    HCS: some disciples, for a disciple, to the disciples, A disciple, number of the disciples, disciple, disciples, s disciple, a disciple
mathētḗs math-ay-tes'
3102 KJV: disciple    NAS: disciple    HCS: disciple
mathḗtria math-ay'-tree-ah
3103 KJV: Mathusala    NAS: Methuselah    HCS: son of Methuselah
Mathousála math-oo-sal'-ah
3104 KJV: Menan    HCS: son of Menna
Maïnán mahee-nan'
3105 KJV: be beside (one's) self, be mad    NAS: insane, am, mind, mad    HCS: out of my mind, s crazy, re out of your mind, re crazy, you are out of your minds
maínomai mah'ee-nom-ahee
3106 KJV: count happy, call blessed    NAS: count...blessed    HCS: we count as blessed, blessed
makarízō mak-ar-id'-zo
3107 KJV: happier, happy, blessed    NAS: happier, fortunate, happy, blessed    HCS: happier, you are blessed, Blessed, is blessed, will be rewarded, this is blessed, blessed, How joyful, will be blessed, fortunate, are blessed, are fortunate
makários mak-ar'-ee-os
3108 KJV: blessedness    NAS: sense of blessing, blessing    HCS: sense of being blessed, blessing
makarismós mak-ar-is-mos'
3109 KJV: Macedonia    NAS: Macedonia    HCS: Macedonia, of Macedonia, region of Macedonia
Makedonía mak-ed-on-ee'-ah
3110 KJV: Macedonian, of Macedonia    NAS: Macedonia, Macedonian, Macedonians    HCS: Macedonian, a Macedonian, any Macedonians, to the Macedonians, Macedonians
Makedṓn mak-ed-ohn'
3111 KJV: shambles    NAS: meat market    HCS: the meat market
mákellon mak'-el-lon
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