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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3578 KJV: lodging    NAS: lodging    HCS: lodging, a guest room
xenía xen-ee'-ah
3579 KJV: strange, think it strange, lodge, entertain    NAS: lodge, surprised, strange things, gave...lodging, staying, entertained    HCS: as guests, is lodging, you say sounds strange, be surprised, was lodging, we were to stay, So they are surprised, and entertained, and gave them lodging
xenízō xen-id'-xo
3580 KJV: lodge strangers    NAS: shown hospitality to strangers, shown hospitality    HCS: shown hospitality
xenodochéō xen-od-okh-eh'-o
3581 KJV: strange, stranger, host    NAS: strange, stranger, strangers, strange thing, host    HCS: something unusual, when they are strangers, for foreigners, foreigners, is host, strange, of foreign, a stranger
xénos xen'-os
3582 KJV: pot    NAS: pitchers    HCS: jugs
xéstēs xes'-tace
3583 KJV: wither away, be ripe, pine away, wither, dry up    NAS: withers, ripe, dried, wither, dries, stiffens, withered, withered away    HCS: he withers, withers, becomes rigid, wither, was dried up, is ripe, is withered, they withered, dries up, a paralyzed, it withered, withered
xēraínō xay-rah'ee-no
3584 KJV: land, dry land, dry, withered    NAS: land, dry, withered    HCS: and paralyzed, it is dry, land, dry, paralyzed, a paralyzed
xērós xay-ros'
3585 KJV: of wood    NAS: wood    HCS: wood, those of wood
xýlinos xoo'-lin-os
3586 KJV: wood, tree, staff, stocks    NAS: tree, wood, cross, stocks, clubs    HCS: tree, wood, stocks, a tree, The tree, the wood, clubs
xýlon xoo'-lon
3587 KJV: shave    NAS: shaved    HCS: her head shaved, shaved
xyráō xoo-rah'-o
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