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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1492 KJV: wist, know, look, see, know how, cannot tell + (3756), misc, perceive, behold    HCS: may be informed, If you knew, because we know, know, for the person who knows, do not know, recognize, they knew, understand, to know, of you have knowledge, thing I do know, We know, t know, I know, knows, knew, that you know, he knew, we know, have known, do you know, may know, we may understand, they recognize, you yourselves know, to give recognition, Do You know, you understand, you do know, because you know, you know, so that you may know, had known, they know, I do know, think it was a good idea to know, you have known, you will know, knowing, you may know, you knew, since you know, He knew, You know, we do know
eídō i'-do
3364 KJV: not tr, no, not, in no wise, no more at all + (2089), misc, never + (1519 + (165 + (3588)
ou mḗ oo may
3588 KJV: which, the things, who, misc, the son    NAS: circumstances, these, which, others, far, who, experiences, former, outsiders, suitable, cause, about, whom, followers, this, what, people, those, one, what had happened, some, welfare, those who, case, all, one who, together, whoever, sight, under, companions, things, meat, condition    HCS:
ho ho, hay, to
3589 KJV: fourscore    NAS: eighty-four, eighty    HCS: 80, for
ogdoḗkonta og-do-ay'-kon-tah
3590 KJV: eighth    NAS: seven others, eighth    HCS: an eighth, eighth
ógdoos og'-do-os
3591 KJV: weight    NAS: encumbrance    HCS: weight
ónkos ong'-kos
3592 KJV: these things, he, such , after this manner, thus, she    NAS: this, such, this is what    HCS: such, This is what
hóde hod'-eh, hay'-deh, tod'-e
3593 KJV: journey    NAS: journey    HCS: on his journey
hodeúō hod-yoo'-o
3594 KJV: lead, guide    NAS: guide, guides    HCS: guide, He will guide, guides
hodēgéō hod-ayg-eh'-o
3595 KJV: leader, guide    NAS: guide, guides    HCS: guides, a guide
hodēgós hod-ayg-os'
3596 KJV: go on (one's) journey    NAS: way    HCS: were traveling
hodoiporéō hod-oy-por-eh'-o
3597 KJV: journeyings, journey    NAS: journeys, journey    HCS: journeys, journey
hodoiporía hod-oy-por-ee'-ah
3598 KJV: way, highway, journey, misc, way side    NAS: way, highways, roads, ways, paths, streets, path, journey, road    HCS: Way, way, highways, route, roads, ways, the road, a journey, on a journey, paths, their way, the way, path, journey, the paths, the path, road
hodós hod-os'
3599 KJV: tooth    NAS: tooth, teeth    HCS: a tooth, of teeth, teeth
odoús od-ooce
3600 KJV: sorrow, torment    NAS: am in agony, grieving, agony, anxiously    HCS: have been anxiously, grieving, I am in agony, are in agony
odynáō od-oo-nah'-o
3601 KJV: sorrow    NAS: grief, griefs    HCS: pains, anguish
odýnē od-oo'-nay
3602 KJV: mourning    NAS: mourning    HCS: mourning, sorrow
odyrmós od-oor-mos'
3603 KJV: which make, that is, which is, called, that is to say
hó esti ho es-tee'
3604 KJV: Ozias    NAS: Uzziah    HCS: Uzziah
Ozías od-zee'-as
3605 KJV: stink    NAS: stench    HCS: decaying
ózō od'-zo
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