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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3802 KJV: entangle    NAS: trap    HCS: to trap
pagideúō pag-id-yoo'-o
3803 KJV: snare    NAS: snare, trap    HCS: a snare, trap, a trap
pagís pag-ece'
3804 KJV: affection, affliction, motion, suffering    NAS: sufferings, suffering, passions    HCS: His suffering, sufferings, and sufferings, passions, with sufferings
páthēma path'-ay-mah
3805 KJV: suffer    NAS: suffer    HCS: must suffer
pathētós path-ay-tos'
3806 KJV: affection, lust, inordinate affection    NAS: passion, passions    HCS: lust, lustful, passions
páthos path'-os
3807 KJV: schoolmaster, instructor    NAS: tutors, tutor    HCS: a guardian, instructors, guardian
paidagōgós pahee-dag-o-gos'
3808 KJV: lad, child    NAS: lad    HCS: a boy
paidárion pahee-dar'-ee-on
3809 KJV: chastisement, chastening, instruction, nurture    NAS: discipline, training    HCS: suffering as discipline, the training, discipline, training
paideía pahee-di'-ah
3810 KJV: which corrected, instructor    NAS: corrector, discipline    HCS: an instructor, discipline
paideutḗs pahee-dyoo-tace'
3811 KJV: chasten, chastise, instruct, teach, learn    NAS: punished, taught, disciplines, educated, correcting, discipline, instructing, disciplined, punish    HCS: and educated, disciplines, they disciplined, discipline, whipped, instructing, they may be taught, was educated, being disciplined, we are disciplined
paideúō pahee-dyoo'-o
3812 KJV: of a child    NAS: childhood    HCS: childhood
paidióthen pahee-dee-oth'-en
3813 KJV: little child, young child, child, damsel    NAS: children, child, Child, children's, boy's, child's    HCS: a little child, child's, childish, Children, child, children, Men, boy, He called a child, little child, little children, children's, a child
paidíon pahee-dee'-on
3814 KJV: bondmaid, maiden, bondwomen, maid, damsel    NAS: women, slaves, bondwoman, servant-girl, servant-girls, slave-girl    HCS: a slave, female slaves, of the slave, slave, and a servant, slave girl, servants, servant
paidískē pahee-dis'-kay
3815 KJV: play    NAS: play    HCS: to play
paízō paheed'-zo
3816 KJV: son, young man, maiden, child, maid, son (Christ), manservant, servant    NAS: son, slaves, male children, children, child, men, girl's, boy, servant, servants    HCS: Servant, child's, male, male children, Child, children, boy, servant, servants
paîs paheece
3817 KJV: strike, smite    NAS: struck, stings, hit    HCS: struck, hit, it strikes
paíō pah'-yo
3818 KJV: Pacatiana
Pakatianḗ pak-at-ee-an-ay'
3819 KJV: in time past, old, long ago, a great while ago, any while, of old    NAS: all this time, long ago, former, long    HCS: He had already, Long ago, long ago, past, all along
pálai pal'-ahee
3820 KJV: old, old wine    NAS: old    HCS: what is old, old, an old
palaiós pal-ah-yos'
3821 KJV: oldness    NAS: oldness    HCS: in the old
palaiótēs pal-ah-yot'-ace
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