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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4460 KJV: Rahab    NAS: Rahab    HCS: Rahab
Rhaáb hrah-ab'
4461 KJV: Master (Christ), Rabbi (Christ), rabbi    NAS: Rabbi    HCS: Rabbi
rhabbí hrab-bee'
4462 KJV: Rabboni, Lord    NAS: Rabboni    HCS:
rhabboní hrab-bon-ee', hrab-boo-nee'
4463 KJV: beat with rods, beat    NAS: beaten with rods    HCS: I was beaten with rods, them to be beaten with rods
rhabdízō hrab-did'-zo
4464 KJV: staff, sceptre, rod    NAS: staff, rod, scepter    HCS: a rod, walking stick, staff, a walking stick, is a scepter, scepter
rhábdos hrab'-dos
4465 KJV: sergeant    NAS: policemen    HCS: police
rhabdoûchos hrab-doo'-khos
4466 KJV: Ragau    NAS: Reu    HCS: son of Reu
Rhagaû hrag-ow'
4467 KJV: lewdness    NAS: crime    HCS: of moral evil
rhaidioúrgēma hrad-ee-oorg'-ay-mah
4468 KJV: mischief    NAS: fraud    HCS: fraud
rhaidiourgía hrad-ee-oorg-ee'-a
4469 KJV: Raca    NAS: good-for-nothing    HCS: Fool
rhaká rhak-ah'
4470 KJV: cloth    NAS: cloth    HCS: cloth
rhákos hrak'-os
4471 KJV: Rama    NAS: Ramah    HCS: Ramah
Rhamâ hram-ah'
4472 KJV: sprinkle    NAS: cleanse, sprinkling, sprinkled    HCS: sprinkling, he sprinkled, sprinkled
rhantízō hran-tid'-zo
4473 KJV: sprinkling    NAS: sprinkled    HCS: for sprinkling, to the sprinkled
rhantismós hran-tis-mos'
4474 KJV: smite, smite with the palm of (one's) hand    NAS: slaps, slapped    HCS: slaps, slapped
rhapízō hrap-id'-zo
4475 KJV: smite with (one's) hand + (1325), strike with the palm of (one's) hand + (1325), strike with the palm of (one's) hand + (906)    NAS: struck, slaps    HCS: *, Him and slapped
rhápisma hrap'-is-mah
4477 KJV: Rachab    HCS: Rahab
Rhacháb hrakh-ab'
4478 KJV: Rachel    NAS: Rachel    HCS: Rachel
Rhachḗl hrakh-ale'
4479 KJV: Rebecca    NAS: Rebekah    HCS: Rebekah
Rhebékka hreb-bek'-kah
4480 KJV: chariot    NAS: chariots    HCS: carriages
rhéda hred'-ah
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