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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4519 KJV: sabaoth    NAS: Sabaoth    HCS: of Hosts
sabaṓth sab-ah-owth'
4520 KJV: rest    NAS: Sabbath rest    HCS: a Sabbath rest
sabbatismós sab-bat-is-mos'
4521 KJV: sabbath, week, sabbath day    NAS: Sabbath, week, Sabbaths    HCS: on a Sabbath, One Sabbath, is the Sabbath, a Sabbath day's, of the week, week, a Sabbath day, a week, a Sabbath, When the Sabbath, day of the week, Sabbath days, Sabbath, on Sabbath days, the Sabbath, Sabbath day
sábbaton sab'-bat-on
4522 KJV: net    NAS: dragnet    HCS: a large net
sagḗnē sag-ay'-nay
4523 KJV: Sadducees    NAS: Sadducees    HCS: some Sadducees, Sadducees, the Sadducees
Saddoukaîos sad-doo-kah'-yos
4524 KJV: Sadoc    NAS: Zadok    HCS: Zadok
Sadṓk sad-oke'
4525 KJV: move    NAS: disturbed    HCS: one will be shaken
saínō sah'ee-no
4526 KJV: sackcloth    NAS: sackcloth    HCS: sackcloth, in sackcloth
sákkos sak'-kos
4527 KJV: Sala    NAS: Shelah    HCS: son of Shelah
Salá sal-ah'
4528 KJV: Salathiel    NAS: Shealtiel    HCS: son of Shealtiel, Shealtiel
Salathiḗl sal-ath-ee-ale'
4529 KJV: Salamis    NAS: Salamis    HCS: Salamis
Salamís sal-am-ece'
4530 KJV: Salim    NAS: Salim    HCS: Salim
Saleím sal-ime'
4531 KJV: shake, which cannot be shaken + (3361), shake together, that are shaken, move, stir up    NAS: shaken together, shaken, shake, agitating, shook    HCS: shake, shaken, shaken together, be shaken, swaying, was shaken, upset, will be shaken, of what can be shaken, were shaken, agitating, shook
saleúō sal-yoo'-o
4532 KJV: Salem    NAS: Salem    HCS: of Salem
Salḗm sal-ame'
4533 KJV: Salmon    NAS: Salmon    HCS: Salmon, son of Salmon
Salmṓn sal-mone'
4534 KJV: Salmone    NAS: Salmone    HCS: Salmone
Salmṓnē sal-mo'-nay
4535 KJV: wave    NAS: waves    HCS: waves
sálos sal'-os
4536 KJV: trump, trumpet    NAS: trumpets, bugle, trumpet    HCS: a trumpet, of a trumpet, the trumpet, trumpet, trumpets
sálpinx sal'-pinx
4537 KJV: trumpet sounds, sound of a trumpet, sound    NAS: trumpet will sound, sound a trumpet, sounded, sound    HCS: sound a trumpet, blow, blow his trumpet, sound, the trumpet will sound, blew his trumpet
salpízō sal-pid'-zo
4538 KJV: trumpeter    NAS: trumpeters    HCS: trumpeters
salpistḗs sal-pis-tace'
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