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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3569 KJV: now, but now
tanŷn tan-oon', tah noon
4999 KJV: taverns    NAS: Inns    HCS: Taverns
Tabérnai tab-er'-nahee
5000 KJV: Tabitha    NAS: Tabitha    HCS: Tabitha
Tabithá tab-ee-thah'
5001 KJV: order    NAS: order    HCS: order
tágma tag'-mah
5002 KJV: set    NAS: appointed    HCS: on an appointed
taktós tak-tos'
5003 KJV: be afflicted    NAS: miserable    HCS: Be miserable
talaipōréō tal-ahee-po-reh'-o
5004 KJV: misery    NAS: misery, miseries    HCS: wretchedness, miseries
talaipōría tal-ahee-po-ree'-ah
5005 KJV: wretched    NAS: wretched    HCS: wretched, What a wretched
talaípōros tal-ah'ee-po-ros
5006 KJV: weight of a talent    NAS: one hundred pounds    HCS: pounds
talantiaîos tal-an-tee-ah'-yos
5007 KJV: talent    NAS: talents, talent    HCS: talents, talent
tálanton tal'-an-ton
5009 KJV: secret chamber, storehouse, closet    NAS: inner rooms, inner room, storeroom    HCS: private rooms, inner rooms, private room, a storeroom
tameîon tam-i'-on
5010 KJV: order    NAS: good discipline, order, orderly manner    HCS: how well ordered, order, *
táxis tax'-is
5011 KJV: of low estate, base, of low degree, lowly, humble, cast down    NAS: lowly, depressed, humble, meek    HCS: of humble, humble, the lowly, to the humble, am humble
tapeinós tap-i-nos'
5012 KJV: humility, lowliness, lowliness of mind, humility of mind, humbleness of mind    NAS: humility, self-abasement, humility of mind    HCS: in humility, humility
tapeinophrosýnē tap-i-nof-ros-oo'-nay
5013 KJV: humble (one's) self, abase, humble, bring low    NAS: humbles, humiliate, get along, brought low, humbled, humble means, humble, humbling    HCS: humbles, He humbled, yourselves, Humble, humiliate, will be humbled, one who humbles, will be made low, how to have a little, by humbling
tapeinóō tap-i-no'-o
5014 KJV: be made low, vile, humiliation, low estate    NAS: humble state, humiliation    HCS: humble condition, humiliation
tapeínōsis tap-i'-no-sis
5015 KJV: trouble    NAS: stirring, disturbing, stirred, troubled, disturbed, terrified    HCS: be disturbed, disturbing, he was startled, who are troubling, he was deeply disturbed, He was troubled, they were terrified, were terrified, be troubled, that is confusing, deeply moved, is stirred up, The Jews stirred up, is troubled, you troubled, and troubled
tarássō tar-as'-so
5016 KJV: trouble, troubling    NAS: stirring
tarachḗ tar-akh-ay'
5017 KJV: stir    NAS: disturbance    HCS: commotion, disturbance
tárachos tar'-akh-os
5018 KJV: Tarsus    NAS: Tarsus    HCS: a man from Tarsus, from Tarsus
Tarseús tar-syoos'
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