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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5191 KJV: jacinth    NAS: hyacinth    HCS: hyacinth blue
hyakínthinos hoo-ak-in'-thee-nos
5192 KJV: jacinth    NAS: jacinth    HCS: jacinth
hyákinthos hoo-ak'-in-thos
5193 KJV: of glass    NAS: glass    HCS: of glass
hyálinos hoo-al'-ee-nos
5194 KJV: glass    NAS: glass    HCS: glass
hýalos hoo'-al-os
5195 KJV: use despitefully, reproach, shamefully entreat, entreat spitefully    NAS: mistreated, mistreat, insult    HCS: treated them outrageously, we were treated outrageously, insulted, things You insult, to assault
hybrízō hoo-brid'-zo
5196 KJV: reproach, harm, hurt    NAS: insults, damage    HCS: insults, damage
hýbris hoo'-bris
5197 KJV: injurious, despiteful    NAS: violent aggressor, insolent    HCS: an arrogant man, arrogant
hybristḗs hoo-bris-tace'
5198 KJV: be in health, whole, be sound, safe and sound, wholesome, sound, be whole    NAS: well, safe and sound, sound, good health    HCS: and sound, of sound, the sound, healthy, in good health, they may be sound, be in good health, with sound, safe and sound, sound
hygiaínō hoog-ee-ah'ee-no
5199 KJV: whole, sound    NAS: restored, well, normal, healed, sound, good health    HCS: restored, healthy, is to be sound, well, as good
hygiḗs hoog-ee-ace'
5200 KJV: green    NAS: green    HCS: is green
hygrós hoo-gros'
5201 KJV: waterpot    NAS: waterpots, waterpot    HCS: water jar, jars, water jars
hydría hoo-dree-ah'
5202 KJV: drink water    NAS: drink water    HCS: drinking only water
hydropotéō hoo-drop-ot-eh'-o
5203 KJV: have the dropsy    NAS: suffering from dropsy    HCS: whose body was swollen with fluid
hydrōpikós hoo-dro-pik-os'
5204 KJV: water    NAS: waters, water    HCS: s water, a water, waters, water, withhold water, with water, in water, some water, of water
5205 KJV: rain    NAS: rain, rains    HCS: rain, it was raining
hyetós hoo-et-os'
5206 KJV: adoption of sons, adoption of children, adoption    NAS: adoption as sons    HCS: adoption as sons, of adoption, be adopted, for adoption, adoption
huiothesía hwee-oth-es-ee'-ah
5207 KJV: firstborn son + (4316), Son of God + (2316), child(ren), his (David's) son + (846), my beloved Son + (27 + 3350), Son of David + (1138), son(s), Son, Son of Man + (444), thy Son + (4575), misc, his Son + (848), only begotten Son + (3339)    NAS: sons, man, son, foal, attendants    HCS: appoints a Son, son, You son, *, as fit, of the Israelites, s Son, to a son, the Son, the Israelites, Israelites, the foal, a son, faithful as a Son, sons, wedding guests, Son, His Son, You Son, Sons, to a Son, his Son, the son
huiós hwee-os'
5208 KJV: matter    NAS: forest    HCS: a forest
hýlē hoo'-lay
5211 KJV: Hymenaeus    NAS: Hymenaeus    HCS: Hymenaeus
Hymenaîos hoo-men-ah'-yos
5212 KJV: yours, your own, your    NAS: yours    HCS: to you, in you, is your own, yours, of your, your
hyméteros hoo-met'-er-os
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