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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5314 KJV: gluttonous    NAS: gluttonous    HCS: a glutton, *
phágos fag'-os
5316 KJV: be seen, appear, shine, think, seem    NAS: shown, shine, visible, appeared, became evident, noticed, flashes, shines, appears, appear, seen, shining, seem, become    HCS: shine, had appeared, He appeared, flashes, is obvious, may appear, seemed, appears, was shining, be recognized, you shine, be seen, visible, show, appeared, light, shines, appear, shining, been seen, seem, will appear
phaínō fah'ee-no
5317 KJV: Phalec    NAS: Peleg    HCS: son of Peleg
Phálek fal'-ek
5318 KJV: abroad + (1519), spread abroad, outward, openly + (1722 + (3588), appear, manifest, outwardly + (1722 + (3588), known    NAS: obvious, disclosed, evident, well known, light, outward, apparent, tell, outwardly    HCS: evident, well known, *, recognized, known, revealed, obvious, light, are made evident
phanerós fan-er-os'
5319 KJV: show, manifest forth, show (one's) self, appear, be manifest, manifest, make manifest, manifestly declare    NAS: shown, make...clear, made manifest, become visible, appears, manifested, manifests, made known, becomes visible, disclose, revealed, show, disclosed, appeared, displayed, appear, made...evident    HCS: might be made plain, He appeared, clear, He has revealed, might be displayed, appears, been disclosed, has been revealed, may be shown, be revealed, we are completely open, it might be made clear, was revealed, was manifested, appear, It is clear, He might be revealed, is revealed, be exposed, has shown, He appears, He displayed, He has appeared, been revealed, made that clear, spreads, reveal, We are completely open, have been revealed, revealed, appeared, I may reveal, He revealed, I have revealed, is made clear, been made evident, things, show, will be revealed
phaneróō fan-er-o'-o
5320 KJV: evidently, openly    NAS: clearly, publicly    HCS: he distinctly, openly
phanerōs fan-er-oce'
5321 KJV: manifestation    NAS: manifestation    HCS: by an open display, A demonstration
phanérōsis fan-er'-o-sis
5322 KJV: lantern    NAS: lanterns    HCS: lanterns
phanós fan-os'
5323 KJV: Phanuel    NAS: Phanuel    HCS: of Phanuel
Phanouḗl fan-oo-ale'
5324 KJV: sight    NAS: sight    HCS: appearance
phantázō fan-tad'-zo
5325 KJV: pomp    NAS: pomp    HCS: pomp
phantasía fan-tas-ee'-ah
5326 KJV: spirit    NAS: ghost    HCS: a ghost
phántasma fan'-tas-mah
5327 KJV: valley    NAS: ravine    HCS: valley
pháranx far'-anx
5328 KJV: Pharaoh    NAS: Pharaoh, Pharaoh's    HCS: of Pharaoh's, Pharaoh's, to Pharaoh, Pharaoh
Pharaṓ far-ah-o'
5329 KJV: Phares    NAS: Perez    HCS: son of Perez, Perez
Pháres far-es'
5330 KJV: Pharisee    NAS: Pharisees, Pharisee, Pharisaic, Pharisee's    HCS: Pharisee's, Some Pharisees, a Pharisee, Pharisee, part were Pharisees, the Pharisees, Pharisees, as a Pharisee, of Pharisees
Pharisaîos far-is-ah'-yos
5331 KJV: witchcraft, sorcery    NAS: sorceries, sorcery    HCS: sorceries, sorcery
pharmakeía far-mak-i'-ah
5332 KJV: sorcerer    HCS: sorcerers
pharmakeús far-mak-yoos'
5333 KJV: sorcerer    NAS: sorcerers    HCS: sorcerers
phármakos far-mak-os'
5334 KJV: tidings    NAS: report    HCS: word
phásis fas'-is
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