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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5567 KJV: sing, make melody, sing psalms    NAS: sing, making melody, sing praises    HCS: making music, I will sing psalms, He should sing praises, I will sing, sing
psállō psal'-lo
5568 KJV: Psalm, psalm    NAS: Psalms, Psalm, psalms, psalm    HCS: Psalm, psalms, of Psalms, the Psalms, a psalm
psalmós psal-mos'
5569 KJV: false brother    NAS: false brethren    HCS: false brothers
pseudádelphos psyoo-dad'-el-fos
5570 KJV: false apostle    NAS: false apostles    HCS: people are false apostles
pseudapóstolos psyoo-dap-os'-tol-os
5571 KJV: false, liar    NAS: liars, false    HCS: liars, to be liars, false
pseudḗs psyoo-dace'
5572 KJV: false teacher    NAS: false teachers    HCS: false teachers
pseudodidáskalos psyoo-dod-id-as'-kal-os
5573 KJV: speaking lies    NAS: liars    HCS: of liars
pseudológos psyoo-dol-og'-os
5574 KJV: lie, falsely    NAS: lying, lied, lie, falsely    HCS: lying, we are lying, lied, deny, are lying, to lie, falsely, lie
pseúdomai psyoo'-dom-ahee
5575 KJV: false witness    HCS: false witnesses, to be false witnesses
pseudomártyr psyoo-dom-ar'-toor
5576 KJV: bear false witness    NAS: giving false testimony, bear false witness, give false testimony    HCS: were giving false testimony, bear false witness
pseudomartyréō psyoo-dom-ar-too-reh'-o
5577 KJV: false witness    NAS: false witness, testified, false testimony    HCS: false testimonies, false testimony
pseudomartyría psyoo-dom-ar-too-ree'-ah
5578 KJV: false prophet    NAS: false prophets, false prophet    HCS: false prophet, false prophets
pseudoprophḗtēs psyoo-dop-rof-ay'-tace
5579 KJV: lying, lie    NAS: what is false, lying, false, lie, falsehood    HCS: what is false, false, lying, or false, a lie, lie
pseûdos psyoo'-dos
5580 KJV: false Christ    NAS: false Christs    HCS: False messiahs, false messiahs
pseudóchristos psyoo-dokh'-ris-tos
5581 KJV: falsely so called    NAS: falsely called    HCS: that falsely bears that name
pseudṓnymos psyoo-do'-noo-mos
5582 KJV: lie    NAS: lie    HCS: lie
pseûsma psyoos'-mah
5583 KJV: liar    NAS: liars, liar    HCS: liars, liar, a liar, is a liar
pseústēs psyoos-tace'
5584 KJV: handle, touch, feel after    NAS: grope, touch, touched    HCS: have touched, to what could be touched, they might reach out, Touch
psēlapháō psay-laf-ah'-o
5585 KJV: count    NAS: calculate    HCS: must calculate, and calculate
psēphízō psay-fid'-zo
5586 KJV: voice, stone    NAS: vote, stone    HCS: my vote, stone
psēphos psay'-fos
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