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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5598 KJV: Omega    NAS: Omega    HCS: Omega
Ō o'-meg-ah
5599 KJV: not tr, O    NAS: O, Oh    HCS: anyone of you, Oh, How
ō o
5602 KJV: here, there, in this place, hither, this place    NAS: here, there, this case, this place    HCS: Over here, here, in here, In this regard, is here, Here, In the one case
hōde ho'-deh
5603 KJV: song    NAS: song, songs    HCS: song, songs
ōidḗ o-day'
5604 KJV: pain, travail, sorrow    NAS: labor pains, birth pangs, agony    HCS: of birth pains, labor pains, pains
ōdín o-deen'
5605 KJV: travail, travail in birth    NAS: labor, am in labor    HCS: suffering labor pains, in labor
ōdínō o-dee'-no
5606 KJV: shoulder    NAS: shoulders    HCS: shoulders
ōmos o'-mos
5608 KJV: buy    NAS: purchased    HCS: had bought
ōnéomai o-neh'-om-ahee
5609 KJV: egg    NAS: egg    HCS: for an egg
ōón o-on'
5610 KJV: hour, time, misc, season    NAS: hour, once, hours, time, late, short, while, moment    HCS: hour, three, time, *, a little while, at an hour, only nine, a time, nine, very hour, hours, an hour, a brief time, a time, three in the afternoon, An hour, moment, the hour, noon, A time
hṓra ho'-rah
5611 KJV: beautiful    NAS: beautiful    HCS: Beautiful, beautiful
hōraîos ho-rah'-yos
5612 KJV: roaring    NAS: roaring    HCS: a roaring
ōrýomai o-roo'-om-ahee
5613 KJV: when, as, how, misc, about, as it were    NAS: affected, seeing, way, since, if, size, like, after, about, namely, so, when, appeared, how, whenever, effect, according, where, appear, while, one, just like, just, same way, though, however    HCS: were like, that, It is like, as quickly as possible, of them for, When, anyone suffers as, for about, people, like, How, of about, Him as, place, like, thing as though, whenever, just like, hope as, of how, and how, mdash; as, ministry like, something like, into, to, is like, mdash; how, Like, men as, as if, when, that when, After, the way, person according to, person like, them like, became like, you as, Something like, just as, Since, since, it should be as, like, are like, As soon as, about, and when, One like, As, how, that resembled, mdash; that, him as, it enthusiastically, was like, matters whenever, While, and that, mdash; like, in order to, that, as, even though, That, *, Now as, women as, it will be like, so that, the size of, has the role, appeared, each weighing about, This all took about, to me like, while, live as, as, was, as though, did, when, man the same as, s like, About
hōs hoce
5614 KJV: Hosanna    NAS: Hosanna    HCS: i>Hosanna, theb>Hosanna
hōsanná ho-san-nah'
5615 KJV: even so, in like manner, after the same manner, likewise    NAS: same thing, same manner, likewise, same way    HCS: too, as well, the same, Likewise, In the same way, the same thing, likewise
hōsaútōs ho-sow'-toce
5616 KJV: like, as it had been, as, like as, about, as it were    NAS: like, much like, about, some    HCS: of about, like, about, was like, as, About
hōseí ho-si'
5617 KJV: Osee    NAS: Hosea    HCS: Hosea
Hōsēé ho-say-eh'
5618 KJV: as, like as, even as    NAS: like, indeed, just like, just    HCS: mdash; as, just as, like, As, it is just like, Now as, as, were; as
hṓsper hoce'-per
5619 KJV: as    HCS: as
hōspereí hoce-per-i'
5620 KJV: so then, therefore, insomuch that, insomuch as, that, to, as, wherefore, so that    NAS: therefore, order, such an extent, so then, so, result    HCS: that, You, therefore, so that, It follows that, So, to, then, Have I now, so, As, So then, so full that, so that, Therefore, As a result, with the result that
hṓste hoce'-teh
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