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Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3768 KJV: as yet, hitherto ... not, not yet, no ... as yet    NAS: ever, yet...ever, yet    HCS: Don't, had ever, had not yet, you were not yet, yet, no, have not yet, You aren't, I have not yet, has ever, has not yet, had not, we do not yet, is not yet, you have not yet, not yet, he does not yet
oúpō oo'-po
3769 KJV: tail    NAS: tail, tails    HCS: tail, tails
ourá oo-rah'
3770 KJV: heavenly    NAS: heaven, heavenly    HCS: heavenly, who is in heaven, of the heavenly
ouránios oo-ran'-ee-os
3771 KJV: from heaven    NAS: heaven    HCS: from heaven
ouranóthen oo-ran-oth'-en
3772 KJV: sky, heavenly + (1537), air, heaven    NAS: sky, air, heaven, heavens, heavenly    HCS: in heaven, for heaven, *, by heaven, heavens, the heavens, The heavens, celestial, of heaven, sky, you heavens, the sky, Heaven, of the sky, heaven
ouranós oo-ran-os'
3773 KJV: Urbane    NAS: Urbanus    HCS: Urbanus
Ourbanós oor-ban-os'
3774 KJV: Urias    NAS: Uriah    HCS: Uriah's
Ourías oo-ree'-as
3775 KJV: ear    NAS: ears, ear, hearing, whispered    HCS: *, a whisper, listen, an ear, ears, ear
oûs ooce
3776 KJV: substance, goods    NAS: estate    HCS: estate
ousía oo-see'-ah
3777 KJV: yet not, nor, misc, not, nor yet, no not, neither    NAS: useless, either, never, neither...nor, or, nor, nothing, neither...nor...nor, no...either, neither    HCS: man nor, source and I was not, is not, You don't, no, not, we never, It isn't, not only, they neither, was not, and we are not, and you haven't, No, Neither, or, nor, We are not, here who are not, neither, None, You have not, either, did not, haven't, are not, nothing, and we didn't, I don't
oúte oo'-teh
3778 KJV: they, these, he, she, the same, this man, misc, this    NAS: these, fact, hereafter, who, this man's, this reason, whom, this, so, so then, this...thing, very, this woman, those, this way, one, these men, very thing, this thing, such, some, one whom, here, follow, those things, especially, therefore, same, this man, person, partly, afterward, these things, these...things, this one, man, now, present, these people    HCS: Is this, these, mdash; these, which, about him, This, Indeed, this, is this, who, He's, Now this, Such, does He, has this, this, will these, this the man, He, But this, The people, about this, did this, Could this, let these, means he, These, mdash; He, that this, The, they, can this, the women, She, Jesus, mdash; he, she, What has this, They, When this, it, he, are the ones who, As she, even though they, mdash; this, THIS, the One, The man, the one, does this, than this
hoûtos hoo'-tos, hoo'-toy, how'-tay, how'-tahee
3779 KJV: even so, so, after this manner, thus, on this wise, misc, likewise    NAS: even so, way, exactly, thus, like, like this, thereby, this, so, same manner, this way, such, in such a manner, this effect, follows, way this, same, this manner, this is the way, in such a way, just, then, same way, this is how, this respect    HCS: these, Is this the way, as he is, day in this way, like, like this, the same, as she is, In this manner, in that way, on this, that is how, you are so, this, so, After this, you so, how, who were treated that way, in this way, So this is the way, in the same way, Then, Nothing like this, person in this way, that way, In the same way, to do so, This is how, So, his life in the situation, true, This is what, it, so, even then, anything like this, this is what, like that, so that, In this way, mdash; so, in such a way, were, so, continue in this way, be like, s how, as, Himself in this way, and in this way, as a result, this is how
hoútō hoo'-to
3780 KJV: not so, not, nay    NAS: no, no indeed, fail    HCS: Were not, it not, not, didn't, does not, Weren't, won't, doesn't, wouldn't, Isn't, will He not, aren't, Is it not, Didn't, 'No, I do not, Don't, they not, Was it not, Aren't, you not, Wasn't, No, instead of, Won't, will he not, Have I not, Hasn't, will not, Is He not, Did not
ouchí oo-khee'
3781 KJV: sinner, debtor, which owed    NAS: culprits, under obligation, debtors, indebted, owed    HCS: obligated, who owed, debtors, more sinful, indebted
opheilétēs of-i-let'-ace
3782 KJV: debt, dues    NAS: what is due, debt, duty    HCS: debt, marital responsibility, obligations
opheilḗ of-i-lay'
3783 KJV: debt    NAS: what is due, debts    HCS: debts, something owed
opheílēma of-i'-lay-mah
3784 KJV: owe, be (one's) duty, ought, be guilty, be indebted, be bound, misc, be a debtor    NAS: owe, obligated, ought, must, have, should, had, indebted, responsible, owed, owes    HCS: obligated, owe, We must, you owe, that was owed, you ought, Do not owe, ought, what was owed, is bound, he must, must, *, have to, He must, have an obligation, they are obligated, in debt, should, it must, do you owe, He had to, owed, owes
opheílō of-i'-lo, of-i-leh'-o
3785 KJV: I would to God, I would, would to God    NAS: wish    HCS: I wish
óphelon of'-el-on
3786 KJV: it profiteth, it advantageth    NAS: use, profit    HCS: good
óphelos of'-el-os
3787 KJV: eyeservice    NAS: external service, eyeservice    HCS: work only while being watched
ophthalmodouleía of-thal-mod-oo-li'-ah
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