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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3788 KJV: sight, eye    NAS: sight, eye, envy, gaze, eyes    HCS: sight, with eyes, *, s eyes, the eyes, jealous, were an eye, An eye, eye, perception, of an eye, eyes, an eye, stinginess
ophthalmós of-thal-mos'
3789 KJV: serpent    NAS: serpents, snake, serpent    HCS: serpent's, serpents, snake, snakes, a snake, serpent, Snakes
óphis of'-is
3790 KJV: brow    NAS: brow    HCS: the edge
ophrŷs of-roos'
3791 KJV: vex    NAS: afflicted    HCS: those who were tormented
ochléō okh-leh'-o
3792 KJV: gather a company    NAS: formed a mob    HCS: formed a mob
ochlopoiéō okh-lop-oy-eh'-o
3793 KJV: people, number, press, number of people, multitude, company    NAS: multitudes, crowd, numbers, many, mob, people, crowds, riot, number of people, multitude, gathering    HCS: multitudes, among the crowd, mob's, numbers of people, a crowd, numbers, when the crowd, the number of people, loaves to the crowd, into the crowd, group, A crowd, a mob, number of people, to the crowds, crowd, was a mob, mob, people, crowds, multitude, large crowds
óchlos okh'-los
3794 KJV: strong hold    NAS: fortresses    HCS: of strongholds
ochýrōma okh-oo'-ro-mah
3795 KJV: small fish, fish    NAS: fish    HCS: with fish, fish
opsárion op-sar'-ee-on
3796 KJV: even, at even, in the end    NAS: late, evening, after    HCS: in the evening, After, evening
opsé op-seh'
3797 KJV: latter    NAS: late    HCS: the late rains
ópsimos op'-sim-os
3798 KJV: in the evening + (1096), at even + (1096), eventide + (5610), even, evening    NAS: evening    HCS: late, when evening, In the evening, evening, When evening
ópsios op'-see-os
3799 KJV: face, countenance, appearance    NAS: appearance, face    HCS: outward appearances, face
ópsis op'-sis
3800 KJV: charges, wage    NAS: expense, wages    HCS: pay, wages, expense
opsṓnion op-so'-nee-on
3801 KJV: and is, and which was, and which is to come, and is to come, and wast, and art to come, which was, which art, and shall be, which is
ho ṑn kaí ho ēn kaí ho erchómenos ho own ho ane ho er-khom'-enos
5023 KJV: these things, these, afterwards + (3326), that, these words, thus, misc, this    HCS: these, man get these, mdash; these, them of these, from these, who wrote them, *, that, the system, This, like this, the same, All this, who, If you point these, this, will these, them, about this, about these, everything, if these, These, that these
taûta tow'-tah
5025 KJV: these, them, that, those, hence    HCS: these, those
taútais tow'-taheece, tow'-tas
5026 KJV: that, the same, misc, this    HCS: of this, *, that, This, of them, doing this, with this, this, When this, in this, it, me this, about this, one, provided by this, that this, than this, to this
taútēi tow-'tay, tow'-tane, tow'-tace
5120 KJV: his    HCS: His
toû too
5124 KJV: not tr, wherefore + (1223), it, therefore + (1223), that, for this cause + (1223), misc, this    HCS: the, was making it, these, Know this, that, This, take this, is this, on this, has this, this, Does this, you do this, about this, Take this, it; this, in giving the following, charge that, Consider this, can this, the following, at this, in so, of this, *, let this, could this, he will receive this, it, Remember this, We are taking this, will this, since we have reached this, you planned this, you this
toûto too'-to
5125 KJV: these things, these, not tr, therewith, therewith + (1909), them, those, such, therein, this    HCS: these, that, about them, this, them, with these
toútois too'-toice
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