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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5126 KJV: the same, this fellow, him, that, this    HCS: where this, these, Timothy, of this, *, This, him, for this, this, When this, has made this, of him, Take this, mdash; this, Him, of that, on Him
toûton too'-ton
5127 KJV: it, that, thenceforth, thus, him, misc, this, thereabout + (4012)    HCS: of this, *, that, him, this, After this, The reason, For this reason, of these
toútou too'-too
5128 KJV: these, them, such, these men, this    HCS: these, Let these, this, those, to these
toútous too'-tooce
5129 KJV: hereby + (1722), him, misc, this, herein + (1722)    HCS: come to Him, of this, *, that, This, against this, to Him, him, it for him, does He, about Him, this, for the benefit of this, to him, did this, people, Him, to these, having that, to this
toútōi too'-to
5130 KJV: these things, these, not tr, such matters, these matters, those, such, misc    HCS: these, things than this, when these, *, since these, through their, works than these, of such things, them, anything, With these, than these, from among these, As these, such, than this, of these, of those
toútōn too'-tone
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