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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3606 KJV: whereupon, whence, wherefore, whereby, from whence, where, from thence    NAS: so, there, which, therefore, where, this    HCS: That is why, So, from this, Therefore, therefore, From there, where, from
hóthen hoth'-en
3607 KJV: sheet    NAS: sheet    HCS: sheet
othónē oth-on'-ay
3608 KJV: linen clothes    NAS: linen wrappings    HCS: linen cloths, in linen cloths
othónion oth-on'-ee-on
3609 KJV: of (one's) own house, of the household    NAS: household    HCS: that is his own household, household
oikeîos oy-ki'-os
3610 KJV: household servant, servant    NAS: servant, servants    HCS: household slave, household slaves, Household slaves
oikétēs oy-ket'-ace
3611 KJV: dwell    NAS: dwells, live    HCS: to live, lives, that lives, dwelling, living
oikéō oy-key'-o
3612 KJV: prison    NAS: cell    HCS: cell
oíkēma oy'-kay-mah
3613 KJV: house, habitation    NAS: abode, dwelling    HCS: dwelling, proper dwelling
oikētḗrion oy-kay-tay'-ree-on
3614 KJV: house, household, from the house, at home    NAS: house, households, household, houses, home    HCS: house, from house, a house, households, s house, the house, houses, mdash; houses, household, dwelling, your home, home
oikía oy-kee'-ah
3615 KJV: of (one's) household    NAS: household    HCS: household
oikiakós oy-kee-ak-os'
3616 KJV: guide the house    NAS: keep house    HCS: manage their households
oikodespotéō oy-kod-es-pot-eh'-o
3617 KJV: goodman, goodman of the house, master of the house, householder    NAS: owner, owner of the house, head of a household, head of the household, landowner, head of the house    HCS: owner, landowner, *, master of the house, head of the house, homeowner, landowner's, owner of the house, a landowner
oikodespótēs oy-kod-es-pot'-ace
3618 KJV: embolden, build up, be in building, builder, edify, build    NAS: built, edifies, rebuild, build, builders, edify, building, edified, strengthened    HCS: will you build, being built up, you build, *, up, builders, You build, has built, built, to build you up, who built, was built, rebuild, build, builds up, are being built, to build, encouraged, building, I will build
oikodoméō oy-kod-om-eh'-o
3619 KJV: edification, edifying, building, wherewith (one) may edify    NAS: edification, edifying, building, buildings, upbuilding    HCS: built up, up, build him up, building you up, build up, for edification, buildings, building up, edification, impressive buildings, builds up, a building, building
oikodomḗ oy-kod-om-ay'
3620 KJV: edifying    NAS: servant, servants
oikodomía oy-kod-om-ee'-ah
3621 KJV: be steward    NAS: manager    HCS: be my manager
oikonoméō oy-kon-om-eh'-o
3622 KJV: stewardship, dispensation    NAS: stewardship, administration, management    HCS: administration, plan, a stewardship, management
oikonomía oy-kon-om-ee'-ah
3623 KJV: chamberlain, steward, governor    NAS: stewards, manager, steward, managers, treasurer    HCS: stewards, administrator, manager, managers, treasurer
oikonómos oy-kon-om'-os
3624 KJV: house, home + (1519), at home + (1722), household, misc    NAS: house, households, descendants, palaces, place, homes, household, families, home, family, itself    HCS: a house, households, House, palaces, *, homes, sanctuary, home, house, the house, household, family, itself, of the house
oîkos oy'-kos
3625 KJV: earth, world    NAS: inhabited earth, world    HCS: empire, world, inhabited world, Roman world
oikouménē oy-kou-men'-ay
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