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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5335 KJV: affirm, profess, say    NAS: asserting, asserted, professing    HCS: alleging, Claiming, claimed
pháskō fas'-ko
5336 KJV: manger, stall    NAS: manger, stall    HCS: feeding trough, a feeding trough
phátnē fat'-nay
5337 KJV: evil    NAS: bad, evil    HCS: bad, evil, wicked, worthless
phaûlos fow'-los
5338 KJV: light    NAS: light    HCS: light
phéngos feng'-gos
5339 KJV: forbear, spare    NAS: spare, sparing, refrain    HCS: am trying to spare, He will not spare, be lenient, it was to spare, spare, sparing, I will spare
pheídomai fi'-dom-ahee
5340 KJV: sparingly    NAS: sparingly    HCS: sparingly
pheidoménōs fi-dom-en'-oce
5341 KJV: cloke    HCS: cloak
phelónēs fel-on'-ace
5342 KJV: reach, endure, carry, come, bear, bring, bring forth, misc    NAS: made, reach, produce, bearing, take, took, bear, endured, bring, press, bringing, rushing, upholds, carry, leads, produced, moved, brought, carrying, bears, driven    HCS: them, brought, I brought, produce, will bring, be established, produces, Bring, Put, to be brought, They brought, take, bear, let us go on, they brought, rushing, have brought, that leads, when it came, carry, him to bring, to it and were driven along, who carried, they were driven along, was brought, came, sustaining, as they were moved, bearing, it will produce, Reach out, you produce, it produces, endured, bring, bringing, to produce, They will bring, they began bringing, and brought, do you bring, to carry, that produces, brought, carrying
phérō fer'-o
5343 KJV: flee away, flee, escape    NAS: flee, escaped, escape, flees, ran away, fled, fled away    HCS: and started running, must flee, Run, escaped, escape, they ran off, will flee, fled, to flee, Flee, ran off, run, flee, they will run away, he will flee, can you escape, runs away, and ran away, them fled, to escape
pheúgō fyoo'-go
5344 KJV: Felix    NAS: Felix    HCS: when Felix, Since Felix, Felix
Phēlix fay'-lix
5345 KJV: fame    NAS: news    HCS: news
phḗmē fay'-may
5346 KJV: affirm, say    NAS: replied, say, says, stated, said, claim, mean    HCS: it is said, God said, He said, told, he replied, and said, claim, Peter said, answered, am I saying, I tell, she answered, replied, Scripture says, said, man said, I say, he said, exclaimed
phēmí fay-mee'
5347 KJV: Festus    NAS: Festus    HCS: After Festus, Festus, way, Festus, to Festus, When Festus, on Festus
Phēstos face'-tos
5348 KJV: already attain, prevent, come, attain    NAS: come, precede, first to come, arrive, attained    HCS: has overtaken, advantage, has come, achieved, truth we have attained, we have come
phthánō fthan'-o
5349 KJV: corruptible    NAS: perishable, perishable things, corruptible, which is perishable    HCS: mortal, perishable, with perishable, that will fade away, corruptible
phthartós fthar-tos'
5350 KJV: speak    NAS: speak, speaking    HCS: to preach, spoke, by uttering
phthéngomai ftheng'-gom-ahee
5351 KJV: corrupt, defile, corrupt (one's) self, be corrupt, destroy    NAS: led astray, corrupted, corrupts, corrupting, destroyed, destroy, destroys    HCS: corrupts, they destroy, they too will be destroyed, will destroy, corrupted, may be seduced, that is corrupted, destroys
phtheírō fthi'-ro
5352 KJV: whose fruit withereth    NAS: autumn    HCS: in late autumn
phthinopōrinós fthin-op-o-ree-nos'
5353 KJV: sound    NAS: voice, tones    HCS: voice, notes
phthóngos fthong'-gos
5354 KJV: envy    NAS: envying    HCS: envying
phthonéō fthon-eh'-o
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