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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5587 KJV: whispering    NAS: gossip    HCS: gossip
psithyrismós psith-oo-ris-mos'
5588 KJV: whisperer    NAS: gossips    HCS: They are gossips
psithyristḗs psith-oo-ris-tace'
5589 KJV: crumb    NAS: crumbs    HCS: crumbs
psichíon psikh-ee'-on
5590 KJV: not tr, heart, heartily + (1537), soul, mind, life    NAS: suspense, heart, soul, persons, lives, heartily, person, thing, mind, minds, souls, life    HCS: are spiritually, for our lives, you, *, soul, being, our lives, of your souls, life, yourselves, human being, lives, of soul, people, for yourselves, to myself, minds, mind, your heart, hearts, souls
psychḗ psoo-khay'
5591 KJV: sensual, natural    NAS: natural, worldly-minded    HCS: natural, unbelievers, unspiritual, the unbeliever, a natural
psychikós psoo-khee-kos'
5592 KJV: cold    NAS: cold    HCS: cold
psýchos psoo'-khos
5593 KJV: cold    NAS: cold    HCS: cold, of cold
psychrós psoo-chros'
5594 KJV: wax cold    NAS: grow cold    HCS: will grow cold
psýchō psoo'-kho
5595 KJV: feed, bestow to feed    NAS: feed, give    HCS: to feed, feed
psōmízō pso-mid'-zo
5596 KJV: sop    NAS: morsel    HCS: piece of bread, the bread
psōmíon pso-mee'-on
5597 KJV: rub    NAS: rubbing    HCS: rubbing
psṓchō pso'-kho
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