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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3626 KJV: keeper at home    NAS: workers at home    HCS: homemakers
oikourós oy-koo-ros'
3627 KJV: have compassion on, have compassion    NAS: have compassion    HCS: I will have compassion
oikteírō oyk-ti'-ro
3628 KJV: mercy    NAS: mercy, mercies, compassion    HCS: mercy, mercies, of mercies, compassion
oiktirmós oyk-tir-mos'
3629 KJV: of tender mercy, merciful    NAS: merciful    HCS: merciful
oiktírmōn oyk-tir'-mone
3630 KJV: winebibber    NAS: drunkard    HCS: a drunkard
oinopótēs oy-nop-ot'-ace
3631 KJV: wine, winepress + (3125)    NAS: wine    HCS: wine, *, When the wine, with wine, beer
oînos oy'-nos
3632 KJV: excess of wine    NAS: drunkenness    HCS: drunkenness
oinophlygía oy-nof-loog-ee'-ah
3633 KJV: think, suppose    NAS: thinking, suppose, expect    HCS: seeking, expect, I suppose
oíomai oy'-om-ahee, oy'-mahee
3634 KJV: what, as, which, so as, what manner, what manner of man, such as    NAS: what kind of men, what, which, what kind, such    HCS: What, that, the kind, like, as, as though, what kind of, Like
hoîos hoy'-os
3635 KJV: delay    NAS: delay    HCS: delay
oknéō ok-neh'-o
3636 KJV: grievous, slothful    NAS: trouble, lagging behind, lazy    HCS: trouble, lazy, lack
oknērós ok-nay-ros'
3637 KJV: the eighth day    NAS: eighth day    HCS: the eighth
oktaḗmeros ok-tah-ay'-mer-os
3638 KJV: eighteen + (1176 + (2532), eight    NAS: thirty-eight, eighteen, eight    HCS: than eight, *, eight
oktṓ ok-to'
3639 KJV: destruction    NAS: destruction, ruin, destroyed    HCS: destruction, the destruction, ruin
ólethros ol'-eth-ros
3640 KJV: of little faith    NAS: little faith, men of little faith    HCS: you of little faith, you of little faith, You of little faith
oligópistos ol-ig-op'-is-tos
3641 KJV: small, (a) little, few things, few, misc, almost + (1722), a while    NAS: small, little while, number, briefly, brief, little way, short time, short, while, little, few things, few, long, great    HCS: a little, are few, *, Going on a little, a little while, easily, have too little, a short time, for a while, few, lightly, for a little while, for a short time, a limited, a few, a short, are there few, little, people who have barely, you this brief
olígos ol-ee'-gos
3642 KJV: feebleminded    NAS: fainthearted    HCS: discouraged
oligópsychos ol-ig-op'-soo-khos
3643 KJV: despise    NAS: regard lightly    HCS: lightly
oligōréō ol-ig-o-reh'-o
3644 KJV: destroyer    NAS: destroyer    HCS: destroyer
olothreutḗs ol-oth-ryoo-tace'
3645 KJV: destroy    HCS: destroyer
olothreúō ol-oth-ryoo'-o
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