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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5355 KJV: envying, envy    NAS: jealously, envying, envy    HCS: of envy, jealously, envy
phthónos fthon'-os
5356 KJV: corruption, to perish + (1519), destroy    NAS: corruption, perish, destruction, killed, perishable    HCS: corruption, what is destroyed, the corruption, destruction, destroyed, and corruption, of corruption
phthorá fthor-ah'
5357 KJV: vial    NAS: bowl, bowls    HCS: bowl, bowls
phiálē fee-al'-ay
5358 KJV: lover of good men    NAS: loving what, loving what is good    HCS: loving what is good
philágathos fil-ag'-ath-os
5359 KJV: Philadelphia    NAS: Philadelphia    HCS: Philadelphia
Philadélpheia fil-ad-el'-fee-ah
5360 KJV: brotherly kindness, love of the brethren, brotherly love    NAS: brotherly kindness, love of the brethren, brotherly love    HCS: with brotherly love, with brotherly affection, love of the brothers, Let brotherly love, brotherly affection, brotherly love
philadelphía fil-ad-el-fee'-ah
5361 KJV: love as brethren    NAS: brotherly
philádelphos fil-ad'-el-fos
5362 KJV: love their husbands    NAS: love their husbands    HCS: to love their husbands
phílandros fil'-an-dros
5363 KJV: kindness, love toward man    NAS: kindness, love for mankind    HCS: kindness, for mankind
philanthrōpía fil-an-thro-pee'-ah
5364 KJV: courteously    NAS: consideration    HCS: kindly
philanthrṓpōs fil-an-thro'-poce
5365 KJV: love of money    NAS: love of money    HCS: love of money
philargyría fil-ar-goo-ree'-ah
5366 KJV: covetous    NAS: lovers of money    HCS: lovers of money
philárgyros fil-ar'-goo-ros
5367 KJV: lover of (one's) own self    NAS: lovers of self    HCS: lovers of self
phílautos fil'-ow-tos
5368 KJV: kiss, love    NAS: kiss, love, loved, loves    HCS: I kiss, person who loves, to kiss, who loves, Do you love, do you love, they love, You love, loves, have loved, one who loves, They love, who love, I love, He loved, love, loved
philéō fil-eh'-o
5369 KJV: lover of pleasure    NAS: lovers of pleasure    HCS: lovers of pleasure
philḗdonos fil-ay'-don-os
5370 KJV: kiss    NAS: kiss    HCS: kiss, a kiss, with a kiss
phílēma fil'-ay-mah
5371 KJV: Philemon    NAS: Philemon    HCS: To Philemon
Philḗmōn fil-ah'-mone
5372 KJV: Philetus    NAS: Philetus    HCS: Philetus
Phílētos fil-ay-tos'
5373 KJV: friendship    NAS: friendship    HCS: friendship
philía fil-ee'-ah
5374 KJV: Philippians    NAS: Philippians    HCS: Philippians
Philippḗsios fil-ip-pay'-see-os
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