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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5375 KJV: Philippi    NAS: Philippi    HCS: Philippi
Phílippoi fil'-ip-poy
5376 KJV: Philippi (an adjunct of Caesarea), Philip (the apostle), Philip (the tetrarch), Philip (the evangelist), Philip (Herod)    NAS: Philip, Philippi    HCS: Philip, When Philip, of Philip, Philip's, to what Philip, carried Philip, Philippi, to Philip
Phílippos fil'-ip-pos
5377 KJV: lover of God    NAS: lovers of God    HCS: lovers of God
philótheos fil-oth'-eh-os
5378 KJV: Philologus    NAS: Philologus    HCS: Philologus
Philólogos fil-ol'-og-os
5379 KJV: strife    NAS: dispute    HCS: a dispute
philoneikía fil-on-i-kee'-ah
5380 KJV: contentious    NAS: contentious    HCS: to argue
philóneikos fil-on'-i-kos
5381 KJV: hospitality, lover of strangers    NAS: hospitality, hospitality to strangers    HCS: to show hospitality, hospitality
philonexía fil-on-ex-ee'-ah
5382 KJV: use hospitality, given to hospitality, lover of hospitality    NAS: hospitable    HCS: Be hospitable, hospitable
philóxenos fil-ox'-en-os
5383 KJV: love to have the preeminence    NAS: loves to be first    HCS: who loves to have first place
philoprōteúō fil-op-rot-yoo'-o
5384 KJV: friend    NAS: friend, friends    HCS: friend, a friend, women friends, friends, Friend
phílos fee'-los
5385 KJV: philosophy    NAS: philosophy    HCS: philosophy
philosophía fil-os-of-ee'-ah
5386 KJV: philosopher    NAS: philosophers    HCS: philosophers
philósophos fil-os'-of-os
5387 KJV: kindly affectioned    NAS: devoted    HCS: Show family affection
philóstorgos fil-os'-tor-gos
5388 KJV: love (one's) children    NAS: love their children    HCS: love their children
philóteknos fil-ot'-ek-nos
5389 KJV: strive, study, labour    NAS: aspired, have as our ambition, make it your ambition    HCS: to seek, My aim, we make it our aim
philotiméomai fil-ot-im-eh'-om-ahee
5390 KJV: courteously    NAS: courteously    HCS: us hospitably
philophrónōs fil-of-ron'-oce
5393 KJV: Phlegon    NAS: Phlegon    HCS: Phlegon
Phlégōn fleg'-one
5394 KJV: set on fire    NAS: sets on fire, set on fire    HCS: is set on fire, on fire
phlogízō flog-id'-zo
5395 KJV: flame, flaming    NAS: flame, flaming    HCS: flame, flaming, the flame
phlóx flox
5396 KJV: prate against    NAS: unjustly accusing    HCS: slandering
phlyaréō floo-ar-eh'-o
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