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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3666 KJV: make like, resemble, be like, in the likeness of, liken    NAS: compare, comparable, become like, made like, resembled, like, compared, picture    HCS: be like, in the form of, can be compared, should I compare, to, will be like, have been made like, can we illustrate, may be compared
homoióō hom-oy-o'-o
3667 KJV: made like to, likeness, shape, similitude    NAS: likeness, form, appearance    HCS: likeness, the likeness, appearance, like, resembling
homoíōma hom-oy'-o-mah
3668 KJV: so, moreover + (1161), likewise    NAS: so, way, same thing, same, similar way, likewise, same way, like manner    HCS: He did the same, mdash; so, just as, things in the same way, as well, In the same way, It will be the same, in the same way, the same, The same, In the same way, the same thing, Likewise, likewise
homoíōs hom-oy'-oce
3669 KJV: similitude    NAS: likeness    HCS: likeness
homoíōsis hom-oy'-o-sis
3670 KJV: profess, give thanks, confession is made, promise, confess, acknowledgeth    NAS: made, confesses, profess, give thanks, confessed, confess, confessing, acknowledge, assured, declare, admit, promised    HCS: one confesses, confessed, he promised, will acknowledge, you confess, affirm, acknowledge, acknowledges, confesses, that confess, I will announce, They profess, he declared, we confess, confess, who confesses, confession, I confess
homologéō hom-ol-og-eh'-o
3671 KJV: professed, profession, confession    NAS: confession    HCS: *, confession
homología hom-ol-og-ee'-ah
3672 KJV: without controversy    NAS: common confession    HCS: most certainly
homologouménōs hom-ol-og-ow-men'-oce
3673 KJV: of the same craft    NAS: same trade    HCS: of the same occupation
homótechnos hom-ot'-ekh-nos
3674 KJV: together    NAS: together    HCS: together
homoû hom-oo'
3675 KJV: of one mind    NAS: harmonious    HCS: of you should be like-minded
homóphrōn hom-of'-rone
3676 KJV: and even, though it be but, nevertheless    NAS: yet, even though, nevertheless    HCS: even, Nevertheless, Even
hómōs hom'-oce
3677 KJV: dream    NAS: dream    HCS: a dream
ónar on'-ar
3678 KJV: young ass    NAS: young donkey    HCS: a young donkey
onárion on-ar'-ee-on
3679 KJV: reproach, revile, upbraid, cast in (one's) teeth, suffer reproach    NAS: reproach, reviled, insult, insulting, denounce, reproached    HCS: He rebuked, criticizing, were taunting, to denounce, insult, who insult, you are ridiculed, they insult, kept taunting
oneidízō on-i-did'-zo
3680 KJV: reproach    NAS: reproach, reproaches    HCS: insults, reproach, to taunts, disgrace
oneidismós on-i-dis-mos'
3681 KJV: reproach    NAS: disgrace    HCS: disgrace
óneidos on'-i-dos
3682 KJV: Onesimus    NAS: Onesimus    HCS: Onesimus
Onḗsimos on-ay'-sim-os
3683 KJV: Onesiphorus    NAS: Onesiphorus    HCS: of Onesiphorus
Onēsíphoros on-ay-sif'-or-os
3684 KJV: millstone + (3458)    NAS: heavy    HCS: a heavy
onikós on-ik-os'
3685 KJV: have joy    NAS: benefit    HCS: have joy
onínēmi on-in'-ay-mee
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