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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3686 KJV: named, not tr, surname + (2007), named + (2564), name, called    NAS: people, name's, named, names, name, called, persons    HCS: a reputation, man named, NAME, names, name, *, My name, was named, named, people, the name, a name, title, Name, called
ónoma on'-om-ah
3687 KJV: name, call    NAS: derives its name, named, names, name, so-called    HCS: been named, given, who claims, is named, named, to pronounce, even be heard of, who names
onomázō on-om-ad'-zo
3688 KJV: ass    NAS: donkey, donkey's    HCS: a donkey, colt, donkey
ónos on'-os
3689 KJV: indeed, verily, clean, of a truth, certainly    NAS: indeed, really, real, certainly    HCS: a genuine, you really, certainly, that is real, who are genuinely, has certainly, really, are genuinely, real
óntōs on'-toce
3690 KJV: vinegar    NAS: sour wine    HCS: of sour wine, with sour wine, it with sour wine, sour wine
óxos ox'-os
3691 KJV: swift, sharp    NAS: swift, sharp    HCS: are swift, a sharp, A sharp, sharp
oxýs ox-oos'
3692 KJV: place, cave    NAS: holes, opening    HCS: holes, opening
opḗ op-ay'
3693 KJV: behind, after, backside    NAS: behind, back    HCS: behind, from behind, in back, on the back, after
ópisthen op'-is-then
3694 KJV: follow, behind, after, back + (1519 + (3588), back, backward + (1519 + (3588)    NAS: follow, behind, after, around, back, withdrew    HCS: behind, After, back, *, flowing after, into following, after, what is behind, to follow, and followed, Follow, who follow, with
opísō op-is'-o
3695 KJV: arm (one's) self with    NAS: arm    HCS: equip
hoplízō hop-lid'-zo
3696 KJV: armour, weapon, instrument    NAS: weapons, instruments, armor    HCS: armor, weapons, as weapons
hóplon hop'-lon
3697 KJV: of what sort, what manner of, what manner of man, whatsoever + (4118), such as    NAS: what, what kind, quality, what kind of person    HCS: the quality, what, what kind of
hopoîos hop-oy'-os
3698 KJV: when    NAS: when
hopóte hop-ot'-eh
3699 KJV: not tr, whither, where, whereas, whithersoever + (302), wheresoever + (302), misc, wheresoever + (1437)    NAS: which, wherever, whenever, since, place, where, there, whereas, above    HCS: above where, on which, since, wherever, There, Whenever, Wherever, where, to where, to wherever, mdash; where, the place where, Where, you where
hópou hop'-oo
3700 KJV: being seen, look, see, show (one's) self, appear    NAS: appearing    HCS: appearing
optánomai op-tan'-om-ahee, op'-tom-ahee
3701 KJV: vision    NAS: vision, visions    HCS: vision, visions, a vision
optasía op-tas-ee'-ah
3702 KJV: broiled    NAS: broiled    HCS: a broiled
optós op-tos'
3703 KJV: fruit    NAS: fruit    HCS: fruit
opṓra op-o'-rah
3704 KJV: when, how, that, to, so that, because    NAS: so, what, how, end, order    HCS: it so, so, So, how, intending to, That, I pray that, mdash; that, that, to, Him to, so that
hópōs hop'-oce
3705 KJV: vision, sight    NAS: vision, sight    HCS: sight, vision, a vision
hórama hor'-am-ah
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